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Asian Otters Galore!

Just last week we announced the arrival of two Asian Small-clawed Otter pups at SeaWorld San Diego. Now we find out that SeaWorld Orlando has their own batch. Thought you'd want us to share...

SeaWorld Baby Otters 2

SeaWorld Baby Otters1
Photo credits:  Jason Collier/SeaWorld Orlando 

The smallest of all otters, Asian Small-clawed Otters are also notable for their paws, which grasp things much like human hands do. They are the only otters that grab prey with their paws instead of their teeth.



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Otter pups born at SeaWorld San Diego

For the first time in more than 10 years, Asian small-clawed river otters have been born at SeaWorld San Diego, making their debut on Feb. 7.



One male and one female pup are being raised in a behind-the-scenes den at Sea Lion and Otter Stadium.  The pups are in good health, and are being well taken care of by their very protective, first-time parents, Leo and Giselle. 

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National Zoo Announces Rare Clouded Leopard Birth

Yesterday, the National Zoo discovered two brand new clouded leopard babies at the zoo's Conservation and Research Center.




Clouded leopard cub on scale

Clouded leopard twins

photos by Tracy A Woodward-The Washington Post

The cubs are the first of their kind to be born at the zoo in 16 years, and hand-raising is crucial to ensure their survival. Parents Hannibal and Jao Chu were imported from Thailand last year and are suspected to have mated several months ago.

World's Cutest Francois Langur

Now we haven't seen every baby Francois Langur born in the world, but we are pretty confident when we say they don't come much cuter than this little girl. Born at Australia's Taronga Zoo just four days ago, this is a critical birth for conservation efforts. A recent census found that there may be as few as 1,000 Francois Langurs left in the wild in their native Vietnam and China.

Francois langur baby sleeping taronga zoo 

Francois langur long arms 1 taronga zoo

Francois langur long arms taronga zoo 

Francois langur baby 1 taronga zoo 

Photo credit (bottom three photos): Braden Fastier

Thanks to Holy Cuteness for sharing the video.

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Buffalo Zoo Welcomes Baby Black Howler Monkey, “Mochima”

The Buffalo Zoo is proud to welcome the latest addition to its Rainforest Falls animal family—a baby black howler monkey!



Mochima, a male, was born between the late evening/early morning hours of December 17 and 18, 2008. Mother, Lily, and father, Machado, are both adjusting well to their new roles as being first-time parents.


Photos by Katrina Guariglia

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Leapin' Lemur! Rare Sifaka Born at St. Louis Zoo

A tiny sifaka lemur was born at the St. Louis Zoo on February 16, 2009. Lemurs are primates like monkeys, apes, and humans, and sifakas have five fingered hands complete with thumbs. Baby sifakas use their strong grasp to cling tightly to their mothers for the first month or so, as these pictures clearly demonstrate.

Sifaka Saint Louis Zoo 1

Sifaka Saint Louis Zoo 2a

Sifaka Saint Louis Zoo 2

Photo credits: Robin Winkelman/Saint Louis Zoo

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