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Bronx Zoo Tree Kangaroo Still Needs Mom

Cuter than ever, the pink bundle of "Joey" we brought you in late December is almost all grown up now, although Mom's pouch is never far afield. 


The Bronx Zoo's Tree Kangaroo Joey can be seen exploring his exhibit on his own, as well as darting back to Mom's pouch for a snooze. This exhibit is one of the highlights at the Zoo's "Jungleword" attraction which offers year round access to tropical creatures including otters, gibbons, and a tapir.



Photo credit: Julie Larsen Maher © WCS

The Matschie’s tree kangaroo joey is now really exploring his JungleWorld home at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo. Mom, Arboroo, is always nearby to keep on eye on the little one This species is known to have two birthdays: it youngster was “officially” born on July 4 and in an embryonic state crawled back into mom’s pouch to continue developing; and then another celebration at 39-41 weeks when the joey is mature enough to brave being outside in the real world to explore and test its climbing abilities.

Mom is showing off her fuzzy reddish-golden offspring, as the little one uses its rough foot pads and claws to gingerly climb tree trunks. The species is native to the rain forests of Borneo. The zoo’s adult tree kangaroo diet consists of browse, kale, and root vegetables, while the joey’s diet is provided by mom with some “tasting” of solid foods.

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