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Asian Otters Galore!

Just last week we announced the arrival of two Asian Small-clawed Otter pups at SeaWorld San Diego. Now we find out that SeaWorld Orlando has their own batch. Thought you'd want us to share...

SeaWorld Baby Otters 2

SeaWorld Baby Otters1
Photo credits:  Jason Collier/SeaWorld Orlando 

The smallest of all otters, Asian Small-clawed Otters are also notable for their paws, which grasp things much like human hands do. They are the only otters that grab prey with their paws instead of their teeth.



(March 30, 2009) ORLANDO, FLA. - SEAWORLD ORLANDO’S NEWBORN OTTERS IN GOOD HANDS - SeaWorld animal trainers in Orlando have their hands full with four baby Asian small-clawed otters.  Born just three weeks ago to parents Simon and Sophie, the pups are nursing and will open their eyes in about a week.  Asian small-clawed otters live in the rivers, creeks, estuaries and coastal waters of Southeast Asia, from northern India to southeastern China, the Malay Peninsula and parts of Indonesia.  SeaWorld breeds the otters as part of the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s Species Survival Plan, which aims to preserve, in zoos and aquariums, animals that are threatened or endangered in the wild.