What's a Duiker?
Baby Giant Anteater at the Audubon Zoo

Wallaby Joeys at the Kangaroo Conservation Center

Meet the Kangaroo Conservation Center's most recent arrivals: Soleil, Oliver and an as of yet to be named little joey born to mama Bindi. These are Agile Wallabies, Northern Australian and Indonesian marsupials related to their better known cousins, red and grey kangaroos. All three of these babies were born in the summer of 2008, but have been hidden in pouches for most of that time. For the incubator babies, a cloth pouch was provided.

Soleil and Oliver have a close bond
Agile wallaby joeys

A warm home
Wallaby in incubator

What do you think this baby Joey's name should be?
Baby wallaby joey kangaroo conservation center

Agile Wallabies are rarely exhibited in the States and the Kangaroo Conservation Center has the largest collection.