Baby Giant Anteater at the Audubon Zoo
Tahina, the Orphan Sifaka

SF Zoo's Baby Gorilla Needs a Name

Remember our friend from the San Francisco Zoo? Born on December 8th of last year, the baby gorilla boy abandoned by his mother is doing fine and now he needs a name.  San Francisco Zoo is hosting a contest to give him one.


Prizes for the winning name include:
  • Zoo Family Membership for the zoo closest to the winner's place of residency
  • Large Gorilla Plush
  • Framed photo of the infant gorilla with a footprint
  • Thirty minute Live Q&A with a gorilla keeper (either in person, via phone or internet depending on location of winner)



More contest details are below the fold as well as a lengthy and adorable video...

According to the San Fracisco Zoo's website:

One of the Zoo's newest conservation ambassadors - our adorable, healthy, strong, male baby western lowland gorilla, born December 8, 2008 - needs a name! We are asking people around the globe to help us name our infant gorilla in our Name the Baby Contest. The contest runs February 12, 2009 through March 5, 2009 and is open to children five years and older and adults. Enter your choice online here or at various locations at the Zoo. We prefer a distinguished name of African origin.

Oscar Jonesy, our dominant silverback gorilla and father of the infant will choose the winner on March 11, 2009. A panel of judges appointed by the Zoo will choose five finalist names. Each name will be connected individually to five colored bamboo sticks and placed out in the Jones Family Gorilla Preserve exhibit for Oscar Jonesy. The first colored bamboo stick he chooses will be the winning name.