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New Born Giraffe Molly has a Close Call

Born just 3 days ago at the Southwick's Zoo in Mendon, MA, Molly, the baby giraffe calf had a rocky start.  Her mother wasn't producing milk and Molly was weak and unable to suckle.  With some quick action on the part of the zoo and some veterinary specialists at Tuft's Grafton School of Veterinary Medicine, it was determined that the baby suffered from dehydration and a low white blood cell count.


They pushed antibiotics through a catheter into her long neck and hand-fed her bottles of goat's milk. Now, 24 hours later, Molly appears to be thriving, hospital staff said.


Molly will stay at the hospital through the weekend, but the zoo is looking forward to her return, and so are we!  Hang in there Molly!


(Tufts University Cummings School Photos)

A video about Molly's progress is below the fold...