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Yet another baby giraffe was introduced to the world last week. Born on January 10, "Malia" (named after President Obama's first born daughter) is on view now at the Buffalo Zoo!




Buffalo, NY – The Buffalo Zoo is pleased to announce the latest addition to its animal family—a baby reticulated giraffe!

The female calf was born on January 10, 2009 to father, Cain, and mother, Akili. Since she was born so close to Inauguration Day, Zoo officials have named the calf “Malia” in honor of President Obama and First Lady, Michelle Obama’s, first-born daughter. As Akili previously gave birth to a male named Jabari on August 9, 2006, this is also Akili’s “first daughter.”

To ensure visitors’ safety as construction continues on the expansion of the Zoo’s Veterinary Hospital (which is attached to the Giraffe House), as well as to ensure proper bonding between mother and calf, the inside doors to the Giraffe House are locked. However, visitors may view Malia, Akili, Cain and the other members of their herd, Agnes and Jennie, through the glass doors of the Giraffe House vestibule.

Found in Africa, south of the Sahara Desert, giraffes can reach a height of approximately 14 to 18 feet, making them the tallest living mammals in the world. While giraffes’ necks are greatly elongated, they consist of seven vertebrae, just like humans.