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Golden Lion Tamarind: Hands On with Two-Toed Sloth

Clyde Nishimura got these great shots of Vlad the sloth being tormented by a curious baby golden lion tamarind. The confrontation went down a little over a month ago at the National Zoo.



The Golden Lion Tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia) also known as Golden Marmoset, is a small New World monkey of the family Cebidae. Native to the Atlantic coastal forests of Brazil, the Golden Lion Tamarin is an endangered species with an estimated wild population of "more than 1,000 individuals" and a captive population maintained at approximately 490 individuals.

1 Day Old Baby Gorilla at The National Zoo

Yesterday the National Zoo welcomed a brand spanking new baby gorilla.  Born on January 10th to six-time mom Mandara, the newborn appears to be doing well. In these timely pictures (first shot and video courtesy of the Smithsonian Institute and Sarah Taylor, second 2 pics by Jonathan L. Kang) the precious babe is seen snuggling in beaming mom's arms.

Baby gorilla national zoo



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New York Zoos Need Your Help

As a child growing up in Connecticut, it was not unusual for me to visit the Bronx Zoo ten times in one year. It was my Disney World and science classroom rolled into one and it inspired a lifelong love of zoology that led directly (eventually) to ZooBorns. Therefore it was with extreme concern that I learned of Governor Paterson's proposal to cut funding for New York zoos, aquariums and botanic gardens from $9 million to $4 million in 2009 and cut funding entirely by 2010.  

The Governor's plan is to focus funding on "capital initiatives that provide ongoing environmental benefits" rather than "annual operating support" to organizations. I believe the rationale behind this approach to be deeply flawed. Zoos and aquariums communicate the importance of conservation in a tangible way that environmental engineering projects simply cannot. What is more, they reach a far larger and more diverse audience, including millions of children, sowing the seeds of concern for the living world around us. Essentially what these institutions provide is education in its most captivating and inspiring form. This leads to careers in science and financial and political support for conservation initiatives, so I can think of no more worthwhile investment for "ongoing environmental benefits" than the education provided by the Wildlife Conservation Society - the umbrella organization for the Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, and New York Aquarium.

The Governor's office can be emailed here:

And now without further ado, we bring you a poster child for this cause, Katie the sea lion pup, born this summer at the Bronx Zoo. The pictures are just a couple of days old and come to us from ZooBorns reader Amber A.

Sea lion pup bronx zoo

Nap time

Sea lion pup bronx zoo sleeping
Katie sounds out in this video from August of last year.

A "Tail" of Two Kitties

One month ago, Zooborns brought you two amur leopard babies born at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation...

Now, just three months old, "Argun" and "Anuy" are back... and this time... they've got fangs!





Adorable Amur Leopard Babies Part 2
coming to a browser near you...

Special Thanks to Nick Jewell for risking life and limb to bring us these shots!

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Perth Meerkat Pups: "Meer"ly Practicing for Primetime

The Perth Zoo has three new arrivals and they recently went on display. Meerkats have a unique form of communication, at the center of which is the sentinel guard.  At least one individual stands guard while the group is away from the den.  In the event of an approaching threat, the guard lets out a high pitched squeal, alerting his or her pals to the danger.


Here, two of the babies practice their best sentinel stances in preparation for guard duty.


Huddled together, the pups (whom I have decided to name Wynken', Blynken', and Nod; from Left to Right) make a formidable team. This meerkat moment was brought to you by photographer 'Galah.

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