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Benjamin Button Born at the Lincoln Park Zoo

What is it about some baby monkey's that make them look like tiny, adorable, old men? Clearly baby langurs provided the inspiration for Benjamin Button. On a serious note,  Francois' langurs are an endangered species and this little fellow born at the Lincoln Park Zoo will contribute to a Species Survival Plan, aiding conservation efforts. 

Baby francois langur lincoln park zoo 1

Baby francois langur lincoln park zoo 2 

Nap time

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Chicago, IL -- Lincoln Park Zoo is celebrating the birth of an endangered primate on Jan. 12. A female Francois' langur named Pumpkin gave birth overnight to the infant. The sex is currently unknown, and the baby has not yet been named. This is Pumpkin’s second offspring. The langur group can be seen at the zoo’s Helen Brach Primate House.

Francois’ langurs are an endangered species from Southeast Asia. The infants are born bright orange. Scientists speculate the orange coloration may serve to attract other female langurs to help with the infant care process, a behavior known as allomothering. Pumpkin has the aid of two other adult females to help care for this newborn. Eventually the baby’s color will gradually change from orange to black, like adult langurs, between 6 and 8 months of age. 

Lincoln Park Zoo participates in the Francois’ langur Species Survival Plan which is a cooperative effort among accredited zoos to save this species through scientifically managed breeding programs and conservation strategies.