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Baby Sloths at Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary

The Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica rescues injured and orphaned sloths. Many of these sloths are released back into the wild but often stick around the neighborhood.  

This series of photos follows Joy, a baby sloth born on October 25, 2008 to two of the sanctuary's residents, Juliett and Gigia. Mama Juliet came to the sanctuary with severe electrical burns. However since then she has thrived and become a sweet and gentle resident. Father Gigia was rescued from street vendors when he was a week old. Joy is the pair's their fourth baby.

Baby Sloth Joy Resized

Baby sloth close up

Baby sloth at one month montage 1

In addition to rehabilitation, Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary promotes conservation and sloth interests within Costa Rica. Joy and her parents are two-toed sloths, also called Choloepus. Many many more photos below the fold.

Baby sloth at 1.5 months montage 1

Baby sloth at 2 months montage 1
Baby sloth and mom montage 1