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Delicate Rhino Nuzzling

When mom has a 2 foot long horn on the end of her snout, one might think it would impede nuzzling. Not so! Born Dec. 9th at Lion Country Safari, after 16 months of gestation (!), baby white rhino Jazi and mom Taraja demonstrate a good deal of muzzle to muzzle bonding.

Baby rhino nuzzling mom lion country safari

White rhino mother nuzzling baby rhino 2

And sometimes muzzle to rump.White rhino mother nuzzling baby rhino

West Palm Beach-FL –Lion Country Safari’s newest BIG addition, a ninety-five pound female Southern White Rhinoceros calf is now on display in the rhino maternity area of the drive-through safari.

The baby, named Jazi (meaning gift in Swahili), was born on evening of December 9th to mom Taraja after 16 months of gestation. Mom and baby will remain in the rhino calving pen for approximately three months, to give them plenty of bonding time and to protect them from other animals.  After that, they will roam freely in Lion Country Safari’s Hwange National Park with the other White Rhinos, including dad Ronnie.

The endangered Southern White Rhinoceros is the third largest land animal after the African and Asian elephants. Lion Country Safari is home to 11 White Rhinos - 2 males and 9 females.  Since 1979, Lion Country Safari has had 31 rhino offspring.  We are pleased with our success as a participant in the White Rhinoceros Species Survival Plan (SSP), a program of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).