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December 2008

Baby Tree Kangaroo Plays Peekaboo

My wife and I visited the Bronx Zoo during a recent snow storm and, to our delight, we had the place to ourselves. We spent a long time watching a mama tree kangaroo busy protecting her joey snuggled safely in pouch. While the baby kangaroo didn't emerge that day, we are delighted to share these new pictures of him and his proud mom courtesy of the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Cute baby joey tree kangaroo

Check out mom's claws!

Matschie's Tree-kangaroo lives in the mountainous rainforests at high elevations, living alone or in very small groups, usually comprising just a mother, joey and a male. They spend most of their time in the trees and come down occasionally to feed. Like all kangaroos, they are are quite the hoppers and can leap up to 30 feet (9 m).

Close up cute baby joey tree kangaroo

Tree kangaroo with baby kangaroo joey

A photo of mom and another baby born earlier this year.

Photos by: Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS

Dolphin Calf Frolicks with Mom at SeaWorld San Diego

This energetic dolphin calf was born at SeaWorld San Diego on Nov. 28, 2008. Estimated to be a healthy 35 - 40 lbs. and 3 1/2 - 4 feet long, the calf is regularly nursing from her mother, Tobie, and growing steadily.

Seaworld baby dolphin calf 2

Seaworld baby dolphin 1

The female calf was conceived through artificial insemination with sperm that had undergone a gender-selection process. Responsibly managing captive populations is a challenging process, and the ability to choose the sex of a zoo or aquarium baby allows these organizations to maintain a healthy balance.

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Naked into the World: Amani the Baby Aardvark

As we have said in the past, cute is in the eye of the beholder. Newborn baby aardvarks may not be your typical bundle of furry joy, but keepers and mama aardvark, Raachael, at the Detroit Zoo are enamored with their most recent arrival, baby Amani, born Dec. 8th.

Baby Aardvark Amani Detroit Zoo Photo

Oversized ears and a long snout make aardvark's experts at seeking out and slurping up termites. However, their relatively primitive brains (for a mammal) make them rather clumsy so keepers are keeping a close eye on the new family.

Baby Aardvark Amani Detroit Zoo

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"Wild" Animal Encounters

Spotted:  Interspecies conoodling at the San Francisco Zoo...


Photographer Susan Pettitt caught these kangaroos coming nose to nose with a wild squirrel just the other day at the San Francisco Zoo...


Meanwhile, at the Artis Zoo, A.J. Haverkamp comes through again with some heart warming photos of Dayo the gorilla baby coming face to face with a meerkat and her own baby...


Momma meerkat valiantly protects her babe, but we suspect Dayo is "meer"ly curious...


Christmas Chicks

Another early Christmas present, this time for Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas, with both King penguin and Gentoo penguin hatchings in the last week and a half. In the pictures below, a little Gentoo penguin chick takes a ride in a sleigh, via tupperware. Gentoos build their nests out of rocks, which are then jealousy guarded. Particularly nice rocks are offered as gifts by male Gentoos to females to curry favor.

Gentoo penguin chicks moody gardens

Photo shoot's over... time for Christmas dinner!
Gentoo penguin chick moody gardens 3

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