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Camera Shy Wolf Gives Birth

Born in April of this year, Longleat Safari Park keepers were thrilled when Freda the wolf gave birth to a litter of five healthy pups. This is Freda's third litter but her first inside of the custom birthing den keepers created for her. Although this den was available for the first and second litters, it was not until keepers removed the small digital camera inside that Freda felt comfortable enough to use it.

Grey wolf pups longleat safari park 

Grey wolf cubs longleat safari park with mom 

Grey wolf cub face profile longleat safari park  

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Rare Baby Pygmy Hippo

Sydney's Taronga Zoo is celebrating the recent birth of its first pygmy hippopotamus in 23 years.


Monifa was born about three weeks ago and weighs six kilograms or about thirteen pounds.When compared with a normal full sized adult hippo weighing between 3,000 - 4,500 kilograms (6,500 - 10,000 pounds) you get an idea of what a mini hippo Monifa really is.

Standing-side-on2(Above Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo)



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Look at Those Beautiful Baby Blues!

He may have been christened “Logan”, but as soon as Dreamworld’s superstar emerged from his mum’s pouch and took a first glimpse of the world late in late 2007, he was dubbed “Frank” for his extraordinary blue eyes.

He’s a little puff of fur with intense blue eyes, kind of like a Mel Gibson with a bit more fluff. Or Sinatra without the croon,” said Dreamworld’s Life Sciences Supervisor, Michelle Barnes. "I have worked with koalas for 14 years and have never seen a blue eyed one before.” 


A natural born performer like his namesake!

Photos Courtesy of Dreamworld on Australia's Gold Coast

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Red Panda Cubs Now on Display in Denver

The Denver Zoo is chock full of babies these days. Two twin red panda cubs, Amaya and Takeo, are now on display and appear quite playful. Red pandas are classified as endangered, with an estimated population of less than 2,500 mature individuals remaining in the wild. Their population continues to decline due to habitat fragmentation and hunting. Who in the world could hunt these little guys?!

Red panda cubs on log denver zoo

My ear!

  Red panda cub barking 

Redpanda cub standing denver zoo   

Red panda cub under mom denver zoo

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Denver Zoo Celebrates Rare Birth of Colobus Monkey

Denver Zoo welcomes its newest resident, a newborn colobus monkey named Darby. The infant, whose gender is still unknown, is all-white and can be seen being held by its mother, providing a rare and striking visual; although infants are born white, adults are mostly black with a white face border and white veiling flanks and a bushy white tail.




All photos credit: Dave Parsons/Denver Zoo

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