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Baby Tapir Indah Romps at the Edinburgh Zoo


Tapirs and Scotland seem like a funny combination to us but the Edinburgh Zoo is getting a name for itself after its female, Sayang, and her hubby gave birth to their second baby in as many years. Malaysian tapirs are endangered on their native islands and every zoo birth helps researchers learn more about protecting these stripy little guys.

Indah sports a striking hide which would help camoflage her from predators in the wild.

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Enjoying a good romp

Edinburgh Zoo is celebrating the birth of a Malayan tapir. Indah, whose name means ‘beautiful’ in Malaysian, was born just two weeks ago and can now be seen exploring her enclosure under the watchful eye of her mum Sayang.

The birth is an indication that her parents are a very compatible couple and they are playing a vital role in the worldwide breeding programme for this endangered species. Last year the Zoo celebrated the birth of their first ever Malayan tapir when Sayang gave birth to a boy named Vasan.

Tapirs are unusual looking animals and their young are particularly distinctive. Baby tapirs are born with a dark brown coat covered in white stripes and spots. After six months they develop their adult coats, with one half black and the other half white. They have long flexible noses used to forage for food.

Malayan tapirs are endangered due habitat loss and hunting. They are found in the forests of Malaysia, Thailand, Burma and Sumatra.

Kathleen Standen, Head of Hoofstock at Edinburgh Zoo said:

“We are really pleased that our breeding pair of Malayan tapirs has produced their second calf to date, both mother and father are just 5 years old. Indah is a welcome addition both to the Zoo and to the European endangered species programme.”

Editor's NotesTapirs are hoofed animals and are related to rhinos and horses.
They feed on leaves and shoots and also aquatic vegetation.
During the courtship ritual tapir make an assortment of wheezing and whistling sounds. They will then sniff each other, walking around in circles before mating. After a gestation period of 13 months the female gives birth to one calf.
Edinburgh Zoo is owned by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, a registered charity, charity no SC004064.