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October 2008

Adopted Puppies Help Raise Snow Leopard Kitten

Last week we brought you the story of Shanti, the new snow leopard kitten at the Binder Park Zoo. This week the Binder Park Zoo tells us that Shanti has some new friends: two playful puppies named Lillie and Bhadra. These playpals are helping Shanti socialize in the absence of other kittens. So far the three have been getting along great!

Snow leopard and puppy running

 Snow leopard and puppy licking

 Snow leopard and puppy

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Angry Little Titi Monkey

On the morning of October 11th, staff at the Salisbury Zoo were surprised to find a tiny newborn Titi monkey cliging to dad. This guy looks a little sour. Maybe he expected fancier digs.


Here is another Titi monkey born back in March of this year at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. He looks much more content.


Evil Titi monkey versus good little Titi monkey


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Tiny Twins at the Lakes Aquarium

Already the smallest monkey in the world, these baby marmosets are absolutely itty-bitty. Baby pygmy marmosets can currently  only be spotted by very keen-eyed visitors to Lakes Aquarium in the UK. They appear as furry lumps on the backs of their parents – most often their father.

These little babies only weight half an ounce!


This last picture actually comes from the Everland Zoo and Theme Park in South Korea, but should give you an idea of scale.

Baby marmoset on finger

This Pygmy Marmoset is in honor of William Richter, ZooBorns' #1 fan!

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Peccary Piglets and Pumpkins

In under one week, four Chacoan peccaries were born at the LA Zoo. Lucky for them, they were just in time for Halloween and got to enjoy some delicious pumpkin treats. Closely related to pigs, these little guys are native to Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay and were thought extinct until 1972 when they were rediscovered. See them this weekend at Boo at the Zoo!

These camouflaged little oinkers really blend in with their surroudings...

 Chacoan Peccary with piglets

Peccary Piglet LA Zoo

Peccary Piglets with Pumpkin

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Eno the Orphan Otter

Little Eno got off to a rough start when his mother was accidentally killed by a car in the spring of this year. Luckily, staff at the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores found him early enough to save him. Unlucky for the aquarists, raising a baby otter is a lot of work, requiring around the clock bottle-feeding until he was old enough for fish. Additionally, they had to teach him to swim and hunt. Now six months old, he loves to romp (but apparently still enjoys eating and sleeping).

Eno the otter bottle feeding cute

Eno the otter sleeping

Eno stops to smell the flowers2

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