Endangered Red Panda Gives Birth To ‘Miracle’ Cub One Month After Passing Of Partner

Paradise Wildlife Park is proud to announce that their endangered red panda; Tilly has given birth to a miracle cub one month after the devastating passing of her partner Nam Pang, creating a lasting legacy in his honour.

In the early hours of 16th of July on one of the hottest days in UK history, the zoo’s CCTV cameras captured the incredible moment when their red panda Tilly gave birth to a miraculous, beautiful and healthy cub. The cub is currently being called ‘little red’ until the cub is old enough to have its first health checks by the vet in the upcoming months.

EMBARGOED _Little Red_ Cub Photo - Robert Killips(1)

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Baby Rhino Has A Name!

Thanks to public support, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s baby rhino has a name! Dalia! The names were selected through generous donations that raised over $10,000 for rhino conservation efforts. Starting tomorrow, guests may have the opportunity to visit Dalia in the outdoor rhino habitat. Thank you for securing a future for wildlife! 

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Baby Boom: Third Rare Rhino Born at Lion Country Safari in Less than a Year  

West Palm Beach, FL – Lion Country Safari welcomed a female Southern White Rhinoceros calf to its herd on August 6th, 2022, the third calf born at the park in less than a year. She is a significant contribution to the White Rhinoceros Species Survival Plan, a national collaboration to save the imperiled species from extinction. Both the calf and mom are spending quality time bonding together in a maternity area and will be visible to guests from their cars in the drive-through safari.  


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Bintlet Update!

Michigan’s Potter Park Zoo’s bintlets turned one month old last week! The animal care team continues to actively monitor each bintlet to ensure they're growing at a healthy rate. Both bintlets weigh just under 1 kilogram, or 2.2 pounds. That’s equivalent to a liter of water or a pair of shoes! While raising twins is quite the challenge, mom Thistle continues to do an excellent job. ⁠

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Red River Hoglets!

We’re celebrating the arrival of Marwell Wildlife’s first ever red river hoglets, born at Marwell On Sunday 7 August.

The twins, who are yet to be named, were born to mother Lisla and father Kermit and are already exploring their enclosure between naps.

Red river hoglets have more vivid markings than their adult counterparts and in the wild, the rows of pale yellow spots would help them camouflage in long grass to avoid being seen by predators.

Staff - Comms - Red river hog piglet twins (2)

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Critically Endangered Gorilla Born On Camera!

The ABQ BioPark has more exciting great ape news! Samantha the gorilla gave birth yesterday at 10:29 a.m. Mom and baby are doing well, and have started nursing.

ABQ BioPark caregivers were present during the birth, but watched remotely via camera in order to avoid disturbing the natural process. At 15 years old, Samantha is a first time mom, so staff were ready to intervene for the health and safety of mom and baby. Luckily, this was unnecessary! Samantha did great!

Mom and baby will have access to their outside yard today. Guests should be prepared for the Ape Walk to be intermittently closed to allow for privacy and a quiet environment while baby and mom bond.

The father is 20-year-old Kojo, who came to the BioPark in early 2021. This is the first time the ABQ BioPark has welcomed a baby gorilla since 2004. We do not yet know the baby's sex. We look forward to sharing more photos and footage in the coming days and weeks!

WATCH: Giraffe Falls 6ft To The Ground As Its Mum Gives Birth At Chester Zoo

Cameras at Chester Zoo have captured the moment a rare giraffe arrives into the world.

The adorable newcomer, who was born falling more than two metres (6ft) onto a bed of soft straw, arrived to 14-year-old mum, Orla, on Saturday (6 August) at 2:57am – bringing an end to a 15 month-long (473 day) pregnancy.

Keepers have named the new male calf Stanley after Mount Stanley, the tallest mountain in Uganda in Africa, where the zoo’s conservationists are fighting to boost giraffe numbers.


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