Look How Much 8-month-old Baby Kibo Has Grown!

Kibo, a critically endangered infant western-lowland gorilla at Zoo Madrid, turned 8 months old yesterday!

With four teeth on top and four on the bottom, baby Kibo now delights in eating solid fruits and veggies. His favorite is kiwi. Kibo is not yet not fully weaned from his mother Kukeña's breast milk.


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Meet Sven The Arctic Fox

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, WA is now home to a new rescued Arctic fox named Sven. Guests can meet the three-year-old fox in the newly renovated fox habitat in the zoo’s Arctic Tundra area.

“We are delighted to provide a home to Sven and know our guests will fall in love with him,” said Malia Somerville, the zoo’s curator of marine mammals and birds.

State wildlife officials seized Sven in Oklahoma, where owning an Arctic fox is illegal. Before coming to Point Defiance Zoo, he was cared for at a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation facility.


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Bronx Zoo Sends 36 Rote Island Snake-Necked Turtles To Singapore Zoo As Breeding Program Reaches Important Milestone

The Bronx Zoo is working with other zoos and partners toward a major milestone in the conservation of the Rote Island (pronounced RO-tee) snake-necked turtle (Chelodina mccordi). Thirty-six zoo-bred turtles left the Bronx Zoo today bound for Mandai Wildlife Group’s Singapore Zoo as part of a collaboration that will eventually introduce the animals to their native range in Indonesia where the species is functionally extinct.

Julie Larsen Maher_0891_Rote Island Snake-necked Turtles with Kelvin Alvarez_BZ_08 23 22

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Baby Elephant Named ‘Queen’ At UK’s Largest Zoo 

Elephant calf named in honour of Queen Elizabeth II, who met the calf’s mum on her last visit to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo 

A baby Asian elephant has been named the Thai word for ‘Queen’ at the UK’s largest Zoo, in honour of ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s patron, Queen Elizabeth II, who once met the calf’s mum. 

The conservation Zoo gave the privilege of naming the not-so-tiny infant to ZSL conservationists who work in Thailand, protecting endangered, Asian elephants in the wild. The conservationists chose the name Nang Phaya (pronounced ‘nang-pie-yah'), which is an animal-related Thai word meaning ‘queen, or strong, female monarch.’ 

Elephant calf at Whipsnade Zoo Sept 2022 Will Amot cZSL (3)

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Happy World Gorilla Day! Looking Back At A Year Of Baby Gorillas Born At Accredited Zoos Around The World!

Happy World Gorilla Day! To celebrate, we’re replaying highlights from the past year including new babies for Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Rotterdam Zoo, Chessington World of Adventure, Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo, and ABQ Biopark.

Join us on September 24 and honor Dian's legacy by helping save gorillas!


Learn more about the babies featured in today’s highlight reel!







Rose and Sage: An Orphaned Mountain Lion Rescue Story

The cats have left the building….we repeat….the cats have left the building…

Rose and Sage, the two orphaned mountain lion rescues Oakland Zoo has been taking care of for several months at their veterinary hospital, have left Oakland Zoo and are on their way to their “furrever home,” The Living Desert in Palm Desert, California.

Officials are sad to see this pair leave, but grateful they were able to rehabilitate them, help them find a permanent home (and each other!)

They’ve offered big thanks to their wildlife rescue partner California Department of Fish and Wildlife, without whom these rescues would not be possible.

Oakland Zoo is committed to Taking Action to reduce human-wildlife conflict, an ongoing issue that Rose & Sage will represent to the many visitors who will experience their beauty in person at The Living Desert, and the thousands of you who have already been touched by their story.

More about Oakland Zoo’s work rescuing and rehabilitating mountain lions:


Baby Antenna Ray!

The Black-tailed antenna ray (Plesiotrygon nana) is an extremely sensitive species of small ray with a long, fibrous tail. Only five zoos in the whole world breed them and only the Czech Republic’s Brno Zoo can boast a recent breeding (the parents are from Zoo Basel in Switzerland). One pup was born about six months ago, but because this species has a relatively long critical period after birth, Brno can only report the success now. There are now two more new pups in the exhibit and officials already know that they are females.

Plesiotrygon nana2

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Two Critically Endangered Blue-Billed Curassows Hatch at Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute

For the first time, Bird House keepers at Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute in Washington, D.C., are celebrating the hatching of two critically endangered blue-billed curassows. The two female chicks are being cared for off-exhibit. The first chick, named Aluna, hatched Aug. 5. Her sister Lulo hatched Aug. 28. Aluna is the first offspring for 6-year-old mother, Jackie; the 16-year-old father, JB, previously sired chicks at another institution. Keepers report that the sisters are thriving and describe them as confident and curious.


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