It’s A Girl!

Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, WI are thrilled to announce the newest addition to their Zoo family; a critically endangered Bornean Orangutan! Chelsea’s baby arrived early Saturday morning, June 11, after a very smooth labor. Once the baby arrived, Chelsea immediately held it against her body, cleaned it, and she has been displaying all the maternal behaviors staff want to see at this stage. Infant orangutans are very small, usually only weighing about 3 pounds at birth, and are completely dependent on their mother for the first few years of their life. Chelsea has been doing such a good job of taking care of her baby, they didn’t immediately know the baby’s sex. Both Chelsea and the baby were doing well and sharing private bonding time together, behind the scenes in the Zoo’s Primate building.


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Peak Wildlife Needs Help Naming An Endangered Baby

This Humboldt Penguin chick hatched the 18th April to parents Lindor and Mars. This species of penguin are endangered and classed as Vulnerable on the IUCN red list. For this reason Peak Wildlife are asking for endangered names.

You can connect with Peak Wildlife on social media and comment in their posts with your name ideas:


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’Roo Reveal: It's a Girl!

Healesville Sanctuary's newest Tree Kangaroo joey has decided to start peeping out of the pouch to observe the world for the very first time.

The little one with big blue eyes, just like her mother and father, has been named Ori [Pronounced: Or-ree], which means cloud in a region of Papua New Guinea where the Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroo species lives. 

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Checking In With Little Tilla!

Gorillas are the heaviest and largest great ape species. Adult males can weigh up to 200kg and grow to 2m tall. Western lowland gorillas live in family units, consisting of several females and a dominant male, the silverback. They are diurnal and spend most of their time eating. Gorillas eat almost exclusively vegetarian, on the menu are in addition to leaves and herbs, roots and fruits. As "gardeners of the African rainforest", they play an important role in the ecosystem through the distribution of seeds and thus contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

Want to know more about Zoo Berlin’s gorilla family? Then we have good news: After a two-year break due to the pandemic, the "Keeper talks" at the Zoo are back. These convey a lot of additional, exciting information. The "Keeper talk" with Berlin’s gorillas takes place on site daily at 2 pm.

Here Comes A Long-awaited Update On Rotterdam Zoo’s Gorilla Infant!

At only a few days old, the little one was drinking well and staying close to mother Aya. They regularly received 'maternity visits' from Ayba; Aya's eldest daughter. She was very interested in her then yet-to-be-sexed newborn sibling. Father Bokito did not interfere with the upbringing, but did ensure peace and harmony in the group.

The newborn gorilla was determined to be a male. Rotterdam Zoo have the tradition of choosing a name with the first letter of the mother, in this case the A of Aya. The caretakers came up with three beautiful African names and put it to a public vote. The resulting name was: Ajabu (meaning miracle).

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Zebra Foal Born At Schönbrunn Zoo

At the beginning of June, a Burchell zebra was born in Schönbrunn Zoo. The colt weighs around 30 kilograms and is suckled by its mother for about eight months. "The birth of zebras is usually very fast, after about a quarter of an hour it is over. With our current offspring, everything went very well and the young animal is well. It is now exploring the plant and nibbling on the hay with the rest of the herd from time to time. But everything is still close to his mother," reports animal keeper Gregor Hirsch.


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