Baby Elephant Gains Confidence at Omaha Zoo

Under Kiki’s watchful eye, her calf continued exploring the calf training area at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo last week!

Each day, she becomes more and more interested in her environment, especially smaller enrichment items she can push and move at her age, such as a firehose cube.

Getting used to this space also means getting more comfortable on the scale. The calf’s natural curiosity—and the trusting bond mom has with our keeper staff—has her freely walking about the scale’s surface.

📹: Jillian Voss, senior elephant keeper

San Diego Zoo Celebrates the Birth of a Critically Endangered Sumatran Orangutan Infant

SAN DIEGO (Jan. 18, 2022) – A new year brings new beginnings—and that is especially true for Indah, a 35-year-old female Sumatran orangutan at the San Diego Zoo, who gave birth to her third infant earlier this month. The healthy 2-week-old male was born on January 4, and has been named Kaja, after an island in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo, that houses rehabilitated orangutans prior to release in the wild. He is the first orangutan born at the Zoo in more than seven years, when Indah gave birth to her daughter Aisha back in 2014.

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Meet Raymie, The Newborn ZooBorn Giraffe!

At 1:55 AM on Wednesday, January 19, Adia the Santa Barbara Zoo's Masai giraffe gave birth to a male calf, who was named Raymie by his Premier Foster Feeder sponsors, the McGraw Family. Raymie is 157.6 pounds and approximately 5 feet, 9 inches tall.

The calf’s legs were first observed around 11 PM Tuesday night, and Adia was in active labor for about three hours. The calf was standing 45 minutes after it was born, is nursing, and appears strong and healthy. This is Adia’s second calf and according to Dr. Julie Barnes, the Zoo’s VP of Animal Care & Health, she is "once again showing excellent maternal behavior." Adia's first calf, Twiga, is still part of the Zoo’s herd, but he will be starting his own herd at another zoo later this year.

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It’s a boy! Both mother, Asha and newborn calf are healthy, spending time together bonding.

OKC Zoo Asian Elephant Family

The Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden is proud to announce that Asian elephant, Asha, 26, has given birth to a healthy, male calf. Wildlife fans around the world have been anticipating the arrival of the OKC Zoo’s newest elephant calf since Asha’s pregnancy was announced in 2020 and now, the wait is over – he’s here! Rama, Sanskrit for pleasing, was born on Thursday, January 20, 2022, at 8:26 p.m., inside the Zoo’s elephant barn at Sanctuary Asia. The Zoo’s veterinary and elephant caretaker teams report that Asha’s delivery went smoothly and she and Rama are in good health and have been spending time together bonding. Rama is the fourth calf to be born at the Zoo and the fourth offspring for Asha, bringing the total number of Asian elephants at the Zoo to eight.


Clouded-leopard Cub Pounce N’ Play

Watch Rakhan play and pounce around in one of his outdoor exercise yards with his Point Defiance Zoo care team. The growing clouded leopard cub will explore the Cats of the Canopy habitat once he gets a little older and becomes more confident in climbing.

In Case You Missed It, find his ZooBorns Debut here:

Akron Zoo To Hold Naming Contest For White-Cheeked Gibbon Infant

AKRON, Ohio – The Akron Zoo is holding a naming contest for its new white-cheeked gibbon infant. The contest, presented by Akron Children’s Hospital, runs Wednesday, Jan. 12 – Wednesday, Jan. 26. The public can vote on a name at

The five names are gender-neutral as the sex of the baby is unknown at this time. Gibbon infants cling to their mothers for the first few months, and zoo staff is hands-off with the baby. The names choices are Lolani, Keo, Kanoa, Rou and Jinzi.

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Rescued Boobook Owl Chick

It’s a busy time of year at Sydney’s Taronga Wildlife Hospital. The Taronga Veterinary Team have received an influx of native wildlife requiring care, treatment and rehabilitation. One such patient is a boobook owl chick that was found on the ground in Dearin Reserve, Newport.

The little owl was in good health when it was spotted by a member of the public a few weeks ago, who then alerted a local wildlife rescue organisation. Because the owl was on its own and too young to care for and feed itself it was brought to Taronga Wildlife Hospital.

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Galago Babies!

Two Senegal galagos have been born at Amersfoort Zoo. “The two young monkeys are doing well”, animal caretaker Christel Broekman tells. “Galagos are native to the forested areas and savannas from Senegal to Somalia and Tanzania. The monkeys can now mainly be found with their mother, but they will soon discover their habitat one step at a time. Then we can also determine their gender.”

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Birthday Boy, Tai, Turns 1!

Birthday Boy Tai was born in ZOO Ljubljana, Slovenia, on January 18 2021. He just celebrated his first birthday! Zookeepers made a special fruit cake for him and surprised him with presents. His family, who helped him eat the treats and open the gifts, belongs to the western chimpanzee subspecies, a critically endangered subspecies of chimpanzee. This is why he was named Tai — after the national park on the Ivory Coast where western chimpanzees live. He is very curious and adores his older sister, Leona, who is 5 years old. She loves to carry him around, play with him and teach him new things. 

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