Zlin Zoo

Rare Maguari Stork Hatching at Zlin Zoo

The Zlin Zoo in South Moravia has become the second in all of Europe to successfully breed a young Maguari stork. 

Zoo representative Pavel Shromazdil said, "The stork mother laid three eggs. They were the first eggs a Maguari stork ever laid in our zoo's history. The parents sat on the eggs assiduously, but after a fortnight they destroyed the nest." 

Only one of the eggs was left intact. Keepers put it in an incupbator and it hatched a chick on May 21. The baby stork was not accepted by it's parents so has continued to be hand raised and is a healthy little bird.

Maguari storks have been kept only in ten European zoos. Their successful breeding is very rare. "It is definitely unique. Since 2009, only the Berlin zoo has had a similar success with its [Maguari stork] couple that regularly raises young," Shromazdil said, referring to the stork offspring in Zlin. The Zlin Zoo has been keeping Maguari storks since 2004.

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Photo Credit: Zlin Zoo