Wildlife Aid

Rescued Fox Cubs Reared in the UK

While ZooBorns typically focuses on zoos and aquariums, we couldn't help but share the work of a few of the UK's wild red fox rehabilitation centers. The first one to catch our eye was the Fox Project, which educates the public about foxes and operates a wildlife hospital that takes in around 600 casualty foxes per year including 250 cubs. In March they took in five tiny fox cubs found squealing within a trash bag. The rescuer originally brought them to the RSPCA having mistaken them for dogs.

Fox cubs 1 rs 

Cubs are rehabbed back to the wild when they are around five months old after graduating from a "wilding-up" program. Results are successful in most cases.

Fox cubs 2 rs

The organization also runs a fox deterrence consultancy that assists people who have problems - actual and perceived - with foxes. The Fox Project believes that this is their most important and beneficial program as it offers an alternative to unnecessary destruction of foxes where deterrent methods are possible - which is nearly always.

Fox cubs 3 rsPhotos courtesy of The Fox Project

Another organization that got our attention was Wildlife Aid, which operates a 24 emergency line in the UK to facilitate the rescue of a wide variety of wild animals, including little fox cubs. Their most recent arrival, "Bad Attitude" or "B.A." for short, is shown in the video below.

OK... one more... Milly, Molly and Mandy at 5 days old.