Baby Takin Is King of the Hill at San Diego Zoo

Baby Takin is king of the hill at San Diego Zoo

A two-week-old Sichuan Takin climbs to the highest point in his exhibit on Wednesday. The kid, who was born on Dec. 28, 2010, was named Wûshi, which means 50 in Mandarin, because he is the 50th Takin to call the San Diego Zoo home. The first Sichuan Takin born outside of China was born at the San Diego Zoo in 1989. When Wûshi is not climbing rocks and tree stumps, he can be found head butting just about anything in his enclosure–including his grandmother, Bea.

Baby Takin San Diego Zoo giving a side smile

Baby Takin up close and personal at San Diego ZooPhoto credits: San Diego Zoo

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What's a Takin?

We here at ZooBorns have been waiting for great shots of a baby takin to share with you for quite some time and we are happy to say that the LA Zoo has delivered! On July 3rd they welcomed a baby female takin, a type of goat-antelope, like the serow we featured last week. The takin share their mountainous habitat with the giant panda and both are protected by the Chinese government.

Dad and baby have a moment

Baby Takin with Dad LA Zoo

Mom looks proud

Sichuan Takin LA Zoo 

Sichuan Takin

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