Ringtail Possum

Baby Ringtail Possums Get a Second Chance

Taronga Zoo Possum Lorinda Taylor 3

A Taronga Zoo keeper is caring for two Ringtail Possum joeys that arrived at the Zoo via the Taronga Wildlife Hospital. Although they’re about the same age, the little boy is much more fragile than the little female, which was found separately. The male joey was found in a nature strip and it’s thought that after many hours of being unable to feed from his deceased mother the youngster ventured out of the pouch looking for food. Lucky for him a Good Samaritan saw the joey and brought him into Taronga's care. Taronga officials reminded the Australian public, "With spring almost here there will be lots of young about, so if you see a dead possum please check its pouch."


Taronga Zoo Possum Lorinda Taylor 4

Taronga Zoo Possum Lorinda Taylor 2

Taronga Zoo Possum Lorinda Taylor 1
Photo credit: Lorinda Taylor / Taronga Zoo

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Meet Swiss, a Little Ringtail Possum on the Mend

Baby Ringtail Possum - Swiss - Taronga Zoo

Meet Swiss, a tiny Ringtail Possum orphan being looked after by her new surrogate mum and elephant Keeper Bobby-Jo at Australia's Taronga Zoo. Swiss and her sister Miss both came in to care after a good Samaritan found them. Vets at Taronga’s Wildlife Hospital think Swiss fractured her wrist when her mother died, but with a tiny splint on her wrist, the two are doing well in Bobby-Jo’s care. Follow Swiss and other Taronga Zoo critters on their Facebook page.

In the wild, Ringtail Possums live in communal nests where they sleep by day and socialize by night.