Pygmy Hippo

Plump Pygmy Hippo Calf Daydreaming

Flory, a  Pygmy Hippo born in late September at the Diergaarde in Blijdorp, Netherlands, rests close to mom. These photos and video, by lensman A.J. Haverkamp, show the infant Pygmy Hippo at only ten days old. Critically endangered in their native home of Western Africa, Pygmy Hippos thrive with proper care at zoos and most of what scientists know about this fascinating animal is derived from zoo populations.




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Brand New Pygmy Hippo Hits Rotterdam

A newborn baby pygmy hippo from Rotterdam’s Blijdorp Zoo, is no bigger than a head of lettuce! The pygmy hippo grows to just over 3ft tall - just one fifth of the size of the common hippopotamus and is the only other species of hippo in the world. Reclusive and nocturnal, the mammals are semi-aquatic and need to live near water to keep their skin moisturized and their bodies cool.



Baby Pygmy Hippo at the Marwell Park Zoo

With less than 3,000 in the wild, pygmy hippos are highly endangered. By breeding babies like this little girl, conservationists hope to help save the species from extinction. The public is invited to help pick a name for her on the Marwell Zoological Park website. Options include Loko, Kadina, Zimmi and Lola.

Baby pygmy hippo marwell zoo

Photo credit: Solent News and Photo Agency

Baby pygmy hippo marwell zoo with mom2

Photo credit: Solent News and Photo Agency

Pygym hippo baby marwell zoo with mom

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Rare Baby Pygmy Hippo

Sydney's Taronga Zoo is celebrating the recent birth of its first pygmy hippopotamus in 23 years.


Monifa was born about three weeks ago and weighs six kilograms or about thirteen pounds.When compared with a normal full sized adult hippo weighing between 3,000 - 4,500 kilograms (6,500 - 10,000 pounds) you get an idea of what a mini hippo Monifa really is.

Standing-side-on2(Above Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo)



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