Polar Bear

Polar Bear Cub Meets the Snow

Polar Bear cub waves hello at Aalborg Zoo 1

Just in from the ZooBorns Breaking News Desk: little Polar Bear cub loves snow! So maybe this is not a revelation, but it's certainly fun to watch. The Aalborg Zoo's little Polar Bear cub is having a grand old time enjoying the Danish snow. At 3 months old, the cub spends a lot of time playing with mom Malik and biting everything it finds interesting, particularly mom's paws. 

Portrait of a Polar Bear as a Young Cub

Polar Bear cub licks in the snow 3

Polar Bear cub relaxing on mom at Aalborg Zoo 6Photo credits: Sussi Køber / Aalborg Zoo


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Baby Ijsberen at Ouwehands!

Polar Bear cubs at Ouwehands Zoo

On November 25th, Ouwehands Zoo in the Netherlands welcomed two little Polar Bear cubs to mama bear "Freedom." Named Siki and Sesi, the cubs have spent the last few months sleeping, eating and rough-housing in the den and have just emerged to enjoy the frosty weather. In Dutch, Polar Bears are called Ijsberen (ice bears), a fitting name for a species that spends the majority of its life on snow and ice. Enjoy the outstanding videos provided by Ouwehands Zoo below. (Above photo credit: Clovis Flos)

Bear fight!

Want to freak out your dogs? Play this video of the very young cubs making a screeching racket in the den.

Little Polar Bear Meets the Big World

Little Polar Bear cub at Aalborg Zoo 1

For the first time last week, mama Polar Bear "Malik" coaxed her three month old cub out of their cozy den for a little outdoor adventure at Denmark's Aalborg Zoo. Since Zoo veterinarians have not yet been able to safely examine the cub, the sex is still undetermined. In the wild Polar Bears most often hunt along the edges of sea ice. Unfortunately global warming threatens the bears' habitat and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has classified the Polar Bear as vulnerable to extinction.

Little Polar Bear cub at Aalborg Zoo 3

Little Polar Bear cub at Aalborg Zoo 3Photo credits: Sussi Køber / Aalborg Zoo

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Play Time for Polar Bear Baby

Meet Siku, the only Polar Bear cub in an American zoo. "Siku" means “ice” in the Inupiat language, and it was chosen for him by a fourth grader from the North Slope Borough of Alaska. The Toledo Zoo, in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund, Polar Bears International and the North Slope Borough Department of Wildlife Management, sponsored a naming contest for children in that area in which they suggested names for the cub. The Zoo’s large mammal keepers chose Siku, and it’s a fitting name for an animal whose wild counterparts depend on ice shelves for hunting.




4740329982_7f866ed9cfPhoto Credits: Jen Lockridge

The Bear Witch Project

Just four days ago, Zoo Sauvage of St-Félicien in Quebec welcomed two baby Polar Bear cubs and the Zoo's den-cam captured the cubs' birth and first hours. This ultra rare footage of newborn Polar Bear cubs reveals this fact - baby polar bears spend their entire first day screeching.

Note that these grainy low-light videos are not so much cute as they are EXTREMELY noisy. Mother Polar Bears should be issued Aspirin. 

Mama bear cleans her screeching cubs

The actual birth of the 2nd cub and more screeching 

Mama bear lets the cubs nurse accompanied by abundant screeching

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