Pigs & Warthogs

Wiggly Warthoglets in Arizona Zoo's Nursery

There's a lot of activity In the nursery of Arizona's Wildlife World Zoo. Among the bevy of beastly babies is a quartet of very young Warthog piglets. Photographed earlier this month by Arizona reader Nicki Miller, the hoglets look harmless now (and likely will remain that way!) but they will grows tusks of up to 9 inches long. Their wild cousins use these chompers for digging, for combat with other hogs, and in defence against predators.



Photo Credits: Nicki Miller

More Red River Hoglets for Calgary

In the early morning hours of April 1, Red River hog mom Mvula gave birth to her second litter of adorable little Red River hoglets at the Calgary Zoo! The three babies and mom are now ready to come out to play after spending time bonding in their off display nursery over the past two weeks. ZooBorns covered Mvula's first batch of little piglets in April of last year.

Red river hoglets calgary zoo 2010 2

Red river hoglets calgary zoo 2010 1

Photo and video credits: Calgary Zoo

Adult Red River hogs get their name from their red coat and because their natural habitat is in the wetland areas of Central and Eastern Africa. The hoglets' camouflage coats make them look kind of like little orange watermelons!

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Peccary Piglets and Pumpkins

In under one week, four Chacoan peccaries were born at the LA Zoo. Lucky for them, they were just in time for Halloween and got to enjoy some delicious pumpkin treats. Closely related to pigs, these little guys are native to Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay and were thought extinct until 1972 when they were rediscovered. See them this weekend at Boo at the Zoo!

These camouflaged little oinkers really blend in with their surroudings...

 Chacoan Peccary with piglets

Peccary Piglet LA Zoo

Peccary Piglets with Pumpkin

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