Peaceful Panda Cub Debuts in Atlanta

Giant Panda mom, Lun-Lun, gave birth to a tiny pink cub on November 3rd at Zoo Atlanta. At that time, the cub was hairless and helpless, like all panda cubs at that age. One month later, the cub is hairy but still helpless as we see in this special behind-the-scenes veterinary check-up video below. Heather Baker Roberts, Carnivore Keeper II, gave a detailed update yesterday on the Zoo's panda blog. "The cub is becoming more active each day. When Lun Lun leaves him alone, he wiggles and exercises his muscles. He works one back leg as if to scratch himself or he manages to turn himself around on the floor.

Baby panda cub zoo atlanta

(continued from above "Most importantly, he can right himself when he ends up on his back.  Just last week, if he accidentally rolled onto his back while Lun Lun was away, he was very unhappy – flailing his legs in the air and squawking loudly until Lun Lun rushed back and picked him up. He was like a stranded tortoise! But now he has developed enough muscle strength to roll himself over onto his stomach fairly quickly when he is supine. I am actually surprised he can roll over at all since his belly is so fat, but I have seen him do it several times in recent days. This is a big step for the little guy!"

Piles of Panda Cubs!

Founded in 1987, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is a Chinese facility that promotes panda research, education and conservation. This facility never removes pandas from the wild. In addition to its education and outreach programs, it serves as a valuable source of unique genetic material, which is invaluable in panda breeding programs around the world. This facility partners with the Smithsonian National Zoo, Atlanta Zoo, and Oakland Zoo among others. These pictures were taken in October and the babies appear to be somewhere between 6-8 weeks old.

CRBGPB Sunshine Nursery5

CRBGPB Sunshine Nursery2

CRBGPB Sunshine Nursery1

Panda cub chengdu - arms up!

CRBGPB Sunshine Nursery8

CRBGPB Sunshine Nursery4
Photo credits: giantpandazoo

Austria's Newest Panda Baby Needs a Name

With so much excitement here in the U.S. over the new Panda baby at Zoo Atlanta, it's easy to overlook another bubbling panda baby born in Vienna Austria's Schonbrunn Zoo. Now just 11 weeks old, the the black and white ball of joy is ready to take a name. Schonbrunn has invited the public to vote among three choices. 1.) Fu Hu = happier Tigers (2010 is the Chinese Year of the Tiger.) 2.) Ao Kang = healthy Austrian boy and 3.) Wei Xing = joy of Vienna. The Giant Panda is endangered in the wild due to habitat loss and a very low birth rate.



Photo credits: Schonbrunn Zoo


First Panda Born in the U.S. in 2010: Zoo Atlanta

Lun Lun, a 13-year-old female Giant Panda at Zoo Atlanta, gave birth to her third cub on November 3, 2010. The cub, born at 5:39 a.m. in a specially-prepared birthing den in the Zoo’s giant panda building, is the only giant panda to be born in the U.S. in 2010. Lun Lun appears to be providing appropriate care for her cub, which is roughly the size of a cell phone. The Animal Management and Veterinary Teams will continue round-the-clock monitoring of mother and cub, and a preliminary veterinary checkup will be performed as soon as staff is able to remove the cub without disrupting maternal care.

Photo credits: Zoo Atlanta

You can also view Lun Lun and her baby on the Zoo's pandacam.

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Hola Panditos!

Today the Madrid & Zoo Aquarium unveiled the world's newest and cutest Giant Panda cubs. Born September 7, the cubs originally emerged pink and hairless, weighing just 150 grams (5 ounces). However, after five weeks of incubation, they are now in ridiculously adorable true panda cub form! Mother panda Hua Zui Ba has proven to be attentive, licking her babies to clean them and allowing each cub to take turns nursing. Father Bing Xing has remained aloof, typical father panda behavior. The cubs will live in Madrird for the next three to four years before returning to the panda-homeland of China.


Photo Credits: Zoo Madrid

Sleepy Red Panda Cubs in Knoxville

On June 14th, the Knoxville Zoo welcomed two fuzzy Red Panda cubs to mother Akkali and father Chewbacca. After three weeks the cubs are happy and healthy, although the first couple months for baby red pandas are always precarious. The Knoxville Zoo is a leader in Red Panda breeding and conservation, with 93 births since their first pair, Bernice and Buster, arrived in 1977. The zoo hopes to debut the cubs to the public in the next couple of weeks.

Baby red panda cub knoxville zoo 1

Baby red panda cub knoxville zoo 2

Baby red panda cub knoxville zoo 3

Baby red panda cub knoxville zoo 4

Goodbye Tai Shan and Mei Lan!

Tomorrow will be a bittersweet day at the National Zoo and Zoo Atlanta, as fans must say goodbye to Giant Pandas Tai Shan and Mei Lan respectively. Four year old Giant Pandas Tai Shan and Mei Lan have captivated crowds since their successful births, the first for both institutions. 

The pandas will be returned to China in accordance with the Zoos' original agreements. In fact, Tai Shan was supposed to return home two years ago but the Chinese government extended his stay for another two years.

(Below) Tai Shan back in 2005 at 11-weeks-old. This was during the cub's 7th check up, all of which he "handled very well," according to zoo veteranarians.

Photo: Smithsonian Zoo

Photo: Smithsonian Zoo

(Below) Snow falls on Tai Shan during his farewell celebration. The snow and frigid temperatures failed to deter Tan Shan's diehard fans from coming to say goodbye.

Jon McRay/FONZ Photo Club

(Below) Mei Lan snuggles up with mom during her first weeks at Zoo Atlanta in 2006. 

Mei lan atlanta zoo giant panda cub
Photo: Zoo Atlanta

(Below) Mei Lan strikes a postcard worthy panda-pose.

Mei lan atlanta zoo giant panda cub 2
Photo: Atlanta Zoo 

(Below) The Washington Post shares video of Tai-Shan's last days in DC. 

Tai-Shan received farewell letters from DC area students including this one from Florence Kane, age 8.


San Diego Zoo's Panda Cub Gets a Name

The San Diego Zoo's 15-week-old giant panda received his weekly veterinary exam and was bestowed a name in recognition of his mother. The Chinese name, Yun Zi, which means "son of cloud," is appropriate because the baby's mother was named Bai Yun, meaning "white cloud." Here at ZooBorns we were rooting for Xiao Lóng, which means "little dragon," but the fluffy little cub does bear resemblance to a cloud of fur. 

Baby panda cub san diego zoo 4 rs 

Baby panda cub san diego zoo 6 rs Photo credits: Ken Bohn / San Diego Zoo

See our first pics of the little panda from early September.