Checking in on Linton Zoo's Turkmenian Eagle Owlets


Linton Zoo’s Turkmenian Eagle Owlets are growing up fast. Igor, Yelena and Misha the Turkmenian Eagle Owlets weighed just 50g at hatching, they are now tipping the scales at over 1200g each, quite a difference in just 4 weeks! These 3 bundles of fluff hatched in mid March but were rejected by their inexperienced mother and so were removed for hand-rearing.



Photo credits: Linton Zoo

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Linton Zoo's Newest Hatchlings Are a Hoot!


The UK's Linton Zoo has hatched its first Easter chicks, three adorable Turkmenian Eagle Owlets. The fluffy trio weighing just 50 grams at hatching, hatched in mid March but were rejected by their inexperienced mother and so were removed for hand-rearing. They will rapidly grow, weighing in at around a kilo each by the time they are three weeks old. The Turkmenian Eagle Owl is one of the largest and most spectacular Owl in the world and is closely related to the large European Eagle Owl. Sadly though, it is believed to now be extinct in its original wild range around Turkmenistan, there are also very few in captivity so these three Easter chicks are very important individuals, although they may not realise it! Both parents of these special birds were also hatched at Linton and their dad “Pip” is 22 years old this year.




Photo credits: Linton Zoo

Meet Mom and see the hatchlings in their first moment below the fold...

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Up Close and Personal with a Snowy Owl Chick

The Yorkshire Dales Falconry Centre is committed to educating the public about the need to protect wild birds of prey and promoting associated conservation efforts. These pictures of a snowy owl chick born at the center were taken earlier today by photographer Margaret Woodward. Snowy owl parents are well equipped for defending their babies. When a predator gets too close to the nest, both mother and father will dive-bomb the threat with their sharp talons extended.

Baby Snowey OwlO RLY?

Baby Snowey Owl

Baby Bird Boom in Singapore's Jurong Bird Park

Bird lovers have something to rejoice over as Jurong Bird Park welcomed six chicks hatched over the last few months. The chicks are of six different species, four featured below, namely the Crown Pigeon, Golden Conure, Greater Flamingo and Malay Fish Owl.

Crown Pigeon (4 Months)

Golden Cunure (2 Months)

Greater Flamingo (2.5 Months)

Malay Fish Owl (1 Month)

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Ripley... Believe It or Not!

The Taronga Zoo is helping Ripley the barking owl chick (the latest addition to its bird flight presentation) learn the ropes.  Acclimatization though new experiences is the name of the game for this 40 day old baby barking owl.

Learning to fly means taking occasional pit stops to check on the latest ZooBorns updates...

Owl and computer 640

Here Ripley meets some new friends...



Ripley even rode the cable car to get a bird's eye view of his new digs...

Owl and sky safari 640

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After 30 Years, Owls are Back in Town!

On August 2, the National Zoo welcomed two burrowing owl chicks—the first hatching of this species at the Zoo in 30 years. A recent population management plan recommended breeding the Zoo’s current adult pair. The burrowing owl is named for their habit of living in underground burrows. It can excavate its own hole but usually uses a burrow dug by another animal.



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