Hanging Around with a Baby Orangutan

Apenheul Primate Park visitor JeanKern took these candid photos of Orangutan Wattana and her 8-month-old son Kawan enjoying a sunny October day. Wattana was hand-raised by keepers at the Antwerp Zoo, requiring her to learn her mothering skills from fellow Apenheul Orangutan moms Sandy and Radja. The same year Wattana arrived at Apenheul, eight-year-old Amos also came to the primate park. Right from their first meeting, Wattana was teasing Amos continuously. According to keepers on hand at the time: “She tried to attract his attention by swinging back and forth over his head and throwing hay at him. She even sucked her mouth full of water and sprayed it over Amos from a distance. It was hilarious!”  Wattana's flirtatious antics ultimately led to a courtship and the birth of baby Kawan.





Photo credits: JeanKern

Hesty Makes Her Debut

Little Hesty, the baby Sumatran Orangutan, got off to a rocky start back in June and July as ZooBorns readers might recall. Her mother, Nias, did not nurse her baby properly and Hesty was removed from her mother to be fed by Denver Zoo staff. Fortunately, training efforts with Hesty and Nias on how to nurse properly eventually paid off, and now all is well. Hesty made her public debut this weekend.

Hesty the baby orangutan at denver zoo 1

Hesty the baby orangutan at denver zoo 1

Hesty the baby orangutan at denver zoo 1

Hesty the baby orangutan at denver zoo 1
Photo credits: Dave Parsons / Denver Zoo

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Elderly Mom Surprises All in Tel Aviv

There is happy news at the Tel Aviv Zoological Center. Rochale, a 41 year old female Orangutan, has given birth to a healthy infant. A decade earlier, Rochale gave birth to Tel Aviv's last Orangutan arrival. In the interim, many attempts had been made to expand the center's Orangutan population including bringing two young females, Sisi and Tusi, from Germany. To the surprise of all, Rochale, Tel Aviv's oldest female, is carrying the torch for a second time!


Older mom Rochale has experience with raising healthy babies...



Photo Credits: Tibor Jager / Tel Aviv Zoological Center

Denver Zoo Rescues Ailing Baby Orangutan

On Jun 19th, Denver Zoo welcomed a new baby Sumatran Orangutan to mother Mias. Eleven days after the birth, zoo staff noticed the infant looked weak. After sedating Mias so they could examine the infant, named Hesty, they realized the baby was severely dehydrated and had not been nursing properly. Despite veterinarians best efforts to encourage proper nursing, they had to intervene again when the baby appeared unresponsive July 1st. Due to the exceptional care provided by Denver Zoo staff, the baby is now healthy and has been reunited with mother Hesty. Throughout the process, keepers and vets cared for the baby in view of mom, who watched attentively throughout the process.

Baby orangutan denver zoo 1 rs

Baby orangutan denver zoo 2

Baby orangutan denver zoo 3

Baby orangutan denver zoo 4

Baby orangutan denver zoo 5Photo credits: Dave Parsons / Denver Zoo

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Checking Back-in with Perth's Baby Orangutan

ZooBorns reader and amateur photographer Sam Finlay-Notman was kind enough to send us some new pictures of happy orangutan family, Puteri and her baby, at the Perth Zoo. As we noted back in November, this baby serves as the Zoo's poster child for an anti-palm oil campaign. Palm oil production is the number one threat to wild Sumatran orangutan populations. Learn what you can do to help here.

Baby orangutan perth zoo 1_picnik

Baby orangutan perth zoo 2 rs 

Germany's Orangutan Babies Part II: Berlin

The German orangutan boom continues with 10-week-old baby Bulan at the Berlin Zoo. In these first glimpse pictures, five-time mother Bini proudly cradles her new baby boy and, apparently, enjoys munching on some hay. 


Baby sumatran orangutan

Photo credits: Michael Kappeler, AFP/Getty Images

Critically endangered on their native Indonesian island of Sumatra, these incredible creatures must be protected. You can help by supporting organizations such as the Sumatran Orangutan Society.

Perth's Newest Primate: "Don't Palm Us Off!"

Perth Zoo is calling on the community to take action in a campaign to mandate the labelling of palm oil on all food products. The call-to-action came today as a four-week-old critically endangered Sumatran Orangutan, made her debut. The as-yet-unnamed female orangutan was born at 10:40am on 20 October to 39-year-old mother, Puteri. The infant weighed just under 2 kg at birth.



Exotics Curator Leif Cocks gets a first-hand introduction to the baby...

Photos: Perth Zoo/Ross Swanborough

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