Meet Moto the L'Hoest's Monkey...


Photographer peterdc8 caught these compelling photos of Moto, Colchester Zoo's year-old L'Hoest's Monkey over the weekend. The name 'Moto' means fire in Swahili. As evidenced by these photos of Moto eating veggies, the L'Hoest diet is primarily herbivore, although L'Hoests are also known to eat eggs, lizards, and small birds. These charismatic monkeys are listed as vulnerable to extinction by the IUCN.


Photo credits: peterdc8

Rare Tamarin Monkeys or Muppet Babies?


Less than a year after giving birth to baby Orolito, a pair of golden lion tamarins at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo welcomed two more little tufts of orange hair on December 27, 2010. The babies, whose sexes have yet to be determined, are clinging to mom, Brie, and dad, Cumin, and seem to be doing well. The Zoo is fortunate to have had three Golden Lion Tamarins (Leontopithecus rosalia) born in the last 10 months, as they are among the most endangered mammals on earth. Deforestation and habitat loss have relegated the golden lion tamarin to a small region in eastern Brazil. In fact, almost all golden lion tamarins found in U.S. zoos are actually considered to be on loan from the Brazilian government.



Photo credits: Jeanne DeBonis / Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

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Meet Kanoa, Denver's Newest De Brazza's Monkey!


Denver Zoo is thrilled to announce the birth of a male De Brazza's Monkey named Kanoa! He was born to mother, Marinda and father, Kisoro, on November 27. This is the second birth for Kisoro, who came to Denver Zoo after being rescued from a black market in the Congo. Like his sister Kanani, born December 19, 2009, Kanoa is described as very independent and precocious despite his mother's early attempts to be protective. This makes his name all the more appropriate. "Kanoa" is Hawaiian for "free one."

Debrazzas_baby_5302l_dpPhoto credits: Dave Parsons / Denver Zoo

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Rare Birth of A White-Collared Mangabey Monkey

A male White-collared Mangabey monkey was born at Rome's Bioparco Zoo on November 7th to mother Ashante and father Mongomo. Unfortunately, Ashante was not able to care for the new arrival and keepers discovered him clinging to his maternal grandmother Jasmine. After careful analysis of the possibility to reintegrate the tiny baby with his parents, keepers decided to begin hand rearing the infant until it becomes stable enough to join to the group. Rome's Bioparc participates in the European Program of Captive Breeding for Endangered Species (EEP). The White-collared Mangabey is one of a list of 25 primate species most threatened with extinction in the world due to habitat destruction and poaching.





Photo and video credits: M. Di Giovanni / Archivio Bioparco

Tiny Baby Marmoset Fits Nicely on Your Finger

Zoo photographer extraordinaire, In Cherl Kim, of Korea's Everland Zoo has once again delivered some outstanding marmoset photos. This baby marmoset monkey was photographed August 31st during a check-up. While their tiny size and inquisitive eyes make marmosets adorable, they also make them a frequent target for the illegal pet trade. Native to South and Central America, many species of marmoset are endangered thanks in part to this kind of poaching. So as cute as they are, remember they are meant to be admired from a distance!

Baby marmoset monkey everland zoo 1

Baby marmoset monkey everland zoo 1

Baby marmoset monkey everland zoo 1

Baby marmoset monkey everland zoo 1

Baby marmoset monkey everland zoo 1Photo credits: In Cherl Kim / Everland Zoo

Marvin the Spider Monkey Meets Life on White

ZooBorns is pleased to share brand new pictures from the Life on White team, which aims to create the largest collection of animals photographed on white backgrounds. Featured on ZooBorns a few months back, Marvin the Red-faced Spider Monkey was born in May at the UK's Twycross Zoo. Marvin is the third animal Life on White found here at ZooBorns. According to Monori: "Our photo sessions generally take place over one week. We travel with one or two assistants in our camping car (in Europe) from one photo shoot to another. All the animals are photographed in their own environment/home so that they do not suffer any stress linked to transport or to unknown environments."





Marvin throwin' shapes...




Keep up the great work Gabor!

Monkey Mix-Up at the London Zoo

A mixed-up monkey is confusing visitors at ZSL London Zoo after taking a shine to another species’ baby. Maternal Juanita, a golden-headed lion tamarin, has adopted an emperor tamarin baby - much to the surprise of zookeepers.

Tamarin surrogate london zoo 1a 

The surrogate mum, who jumps around the zoo’s Rainforest Life exhibit with the two-month-old baby on her back, started taking an interest in her neighbours’ baby just weeks after it was born. The baby emperor tamarin, who is grey and already sporting the start of an adult’s signature white moustache, was first seen clinging on to Juanita’s fiery orange mane, a month after it was born. Emperor tamarins, native to South America, are usually brought up by their fathers who carry them until they are old enough to fend for themselves.

Tamarin surrogate london zoo 2a

Senior keeper, Lucy Hawley, said: “At first the father of the emperor tamarin baby was a little nervous about Juanita – but now they all seem to get along just fine. “Juanita has never had a baby before so it seems like her mothering instinct has just kicked in this time around… who knows what animal she’ll be carrying around next.”

Tamarin surrogate london zoo 3cPhoto credits: Zoological Society of London 


New Furry Faces at the Belfast Zoo

It’s been a busy week for Belfast Zoo with the birth of two tiny baby monkeys. The new Lion-tailed Macaque and Black and White Colobus Monkey are being looked after well by their mums and the other females in their groups. Sometimes the mothers will even pass the babies off to responsible aunts and older sisters while they go take a break. 

Baby lion tailed macaque belfast zoo 1 rs

Baby lion tailed macaque belfast zoo 2 rs

Baby colobus monkey belfast zoo 1 rs

Baby colobus monkey belfast zoo 2

On an unrelated-to-anything-scientific note, baby Colobus Monkeys look to us like a cross between a sheep, a bichon and a tiny old man...

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Funky Bottle-Feeding Spider Monkey

This is Marvin, the new baby Red-faced Spider Monkey at the UK's Twycross Zoo. Born May 2, the tiny monkey is being hand-reared by the keepers. According to photographer Sypix, he seemed to be very attached to his pink blanket. Red-faced Spider Monkeys live up to thirty years in the wild and even longer in captivity. They are protected by the Amazon Animal Protection Act of 1973, although they are still listed as vulnerable to extinction.



Tiny Things Debut at the SF Zoo!

Earlier this week the San Francisco Zoo introduced some of their newest, and smallest, friends to the public. First we have two baby Emperor tamarin twins who will spend the next few weeks clinging tightly to mom's back. This species gets its name from the regal mustaches of adulthood. Secondly we have a feisty black-tailed prairie dog pup. Prairie dogs are a type of highly social ground squirrel that live in huge "towns" made up of countless individuals across hundreds of miles. They often make "house calls" on neighbors and greet each other by touching noses, which looks an awful lot like Eskimo kisses.

Baby tamarin san francisco zoo 1

Baby tamarin san francisco zoo 2

Baby tamarin san francisco zoo 3

Baby prarie dog san francisco zoo 2

Kisses for mom!

Baby prarie dog san francisco zoo 1

Photo credits: Tamarins twins - Amy Hansen, Prairie pups - Marianne Hale