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Canada Lynx Kittens Debut at Minnesota Zoo

Two female Lynx kittens – the first born at the Minnesota Zoo since 1993 – are now on exhibit between 9-noon daily. Born May 13, the kittens have been bonding with their mom off exhibit since that time. Their mother, who came to the Zoo in 2007, is a great first time mom and very protective of her kittens. The Minnesota Zoo had nine litters born at the zoo between 1981–1993, totaling 22 kittens.




Photo Credits: Minnesota Zoo

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Special Dolphin Delivery

The Minnesota Zoo welcomed a healthy Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin calf on Saturday night to mom Allie. Weighing about 30lbs. and measuring around 2.5 feet long, the sex has yet to be determined. Happily swimming alongside mom, the baby dolphin is exhibiting all the right signs, although the first few weeks are always precarious for new dolphins. The calf's father, Semo, is 45 years old!

Baby dolphin calf minnesota zoo 1 rs

Baby dolphin calf minnesota zoo 2 rs2

Baby dolphin calf minnesota zoo 3 rs

Baby dolphin calf minnesota zoo 2 rsPhoto credits: Bob Cole

Minnesota Zoo Hand-Rears a Baby Gibbon

The Minnesota Zoo’s three week old White-Cheeked Gibbon infant is doing well despite being rejected by her mom. The Zoo is celebrating her progress by releasing behind-the-scenes footage from a recent feeding session. Just like human babies, baby gibbons are completely dependent on mom in the early months of life so zoo staff are working around the clock to hand-rear the little girl. The new baby gibbon will not be on exhibit for several months to ensure proper feeding, rest, and care.

GibbonInfant2010_MNZoo (Small)

Baby gibbon minnesota zoo 1

Apparently baby gibbons sound like R2D2!

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Big Baby Camels at the Minnesota Zoo

actrian camel calves Sarah and Samara both weighed 98 lbs at birth. While they might sound like big babies, the little girls will continue to gain 3-5 lbs per day until they reach their adult size of 2,200-2,400 lbs.

Bactrian camel calves mn zoo pic 3d

Bactrian camel calves mn zoo pic 5b

Bactrian camel calves mn zoo pic 1

Critically endangered, there are fewer than 1,000 Bactrian Camels left in the wild. Born April 2nd and March 13th respectively, check out Sarah and Samara at the Minnesota Zoo now while they are still (relatively) little tikes!

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Naked Into the World: Armadillo or Pink Golf Ball?

A few months back we brought you Amani the newborn aardvark and today we have another brand spanking new addition to the Midwest zoo family - a 3-banded armadillo. No bigger than a golf ball, this pink little bundle of balled up joy weighs just 4.5 ounces (130 grams). The little guy will be off exhibit until this summer but we promise to bring you any future photos the Minnesota Zoo can share.



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