Maned Wolf

More Maned Wolf Cubs at Denver Zoo!

Three rare maned wolf pups have begun exploring outside of their hut over the last few days at the Denver Zoo.  Cayenne, a female, and Santiago and Diego, both males, were born on Christmas Eve to mother, Itati, and father, Tega. The pups have remained close to mom but are becoming more curious daily. All three pups were just given a clean bill of health by  doctors. Denver Zoo visitors can see the pups as they explore at the zoo’s Feline Building just east of the main entrance.




Photo Credit Dave Parsons / Denver Zoo

See their medical exam below the fold...

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Denver Zoo Maned Wolf Pups

Meet three curious and playful little Maned Wolf pups who have just begun to explore their exhibit at the Denver Zoo. Born Dec. 24th, this is the first time the wolves have been seen by the public.

Maned wolf pup denver zoo

Sometimes called a "Red Fox on stilts" the Maned Wolf is actually not closely related to any other living wolf or fox. It is believed to be the last remaining species of a much older canine lineage. Recent research suggests its closest relative might have been the now extinct Falkland Islands Wolf. 

Shy Maned Wolf Pups at Paignton Zoo

The UK's Paignton Zoo recently welcomed three little Maned Wolf pups to mother wolf Maya and father Smolis. Shy and elusive, Maned Wolves are hard to see in the wild and are often bashful in captivity as well. South America's largest wolf, this species lives in monogamous pairs rather than in packs like other wolf species.

Maned wolf pup paignton zoo 1 rs

Maned wolf pup paignton zoo 2 rs

Maned wolf pup paignton zoo 3 rs

Maned wolf pup paignton zoo 3 rs2Photo credits: Ray Wiltshire

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