Langur Monkey

Little Langur Swoops into Mesker Park Zoo

Longtime ZooBorns readers will know what a bright orange baby monkey means... a newborn Francois' Langur! Mesker Park Zoo is proud to announce the November 26th birth of a little male to mother Liang. The orange bundle of joy is held constantly by either Liang or Sai, another female langur in the collection, even when he clearly wants to go adventuring, as in the video below.

Baby Francois Langur Mesker Park Zoo 1

Francois’ Langurs are endangered leaf-eating monkeys found in the forests of Vietnam, Laos, and China. Over the last 20 years the Langur population has decreased by a shocking 85%, primarily due to hunting. Interestingly, these monkeys typically live on limestone cliffs where they prefer to sleep in caves if available. There are only about seventy Francois Langurs in fourteen North American Zoos, seven of them found at Mesker Park Zoo. 

San Fran's Francois' Langur Babies say, "Hi!"

On September 7, 2010, animal keepers at the San Francisco Zoo were greeted by a wonderful and unexpected new addition -- the birth of an infant François’ Langur. Then, on Thursday, September 23, 2010 another infant was born, this one was planned through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan. The two vibrant orange-headed infants were welcomed with open arms by the rest of the langur group and both mothers and newborns are doing incredibly well.




Photo Credits: Paul Chamberlain

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Neo-Natal Care for a Growing Monkey

Taronga Zoo staff are celebrating the birth of a bright orange, endangered Francois Langur, the first to be raised by its mother in Australia. The male infant, named ‘Gan Ju’ meaning orange in Mandarin was born to mother, ‘Saigon’, and father, ‘Hanoi’ and discovered in the early morning of Thursday 22 April by the Zoo’s dedicated keeping staff who had been monitoring the pregnancy.

Mother saigon and baby 2 credit lorinda taylor 640

Photo Credit: Lorinda Taylor / Taronga Zoo

A bequest left by the late Jacqueline Crookston, enabled the Taronga Wildlife Hospital to purchase a much needed digital x-ray machine, and when the Zoo's veterinary team tested out the new equipment they were delighted to see an astonishingly clear image of the unborn ‘Gan Ju’ steadily growing inside its mother.

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Baby Boom Continues at Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo recently announced two very special additions to its family – a new baby brown collared lemur in the zoo’s Madagascar! exhibit and a baby silver leaf langur in JungleWorld.  Both recently born at WCS’s Bronx Zoo, and both are special species as there are less than 50 of each in captivity world wide.


hard to spot in all this fur, but this little lemur is clinging tight to Mom!


The silver leaf langur baby has a striking orange color in comparison to its parents’ silver coats and will continue to stand out until its fur changes color somewhere between three to five months of age.

Photo Credits: Julie Larsen Maher © Wildlife Conservation Society

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Little Langur Brothers

The baby langurs keep coming at the Columbus Zoo! On August 29, parents Gumby (mom) and Digby (dad), welcomed another bright orange offspring, the third for Gumby and fourth for Digby, including baby Fernando, who was born in July. The babies' coats will change to the silvery-gray of adulthood between three to five months after birth. Highly social monkeys, langurs often snuggle in groups with the baby in the middle.






Photo Credits: Amy Eakins

ZooBorns Need Mothers Too #3

Even within the safety of a zoo exhibit, mothers provide comfort and a sense of security that has no substitute. Weighing under a pound, this tiny Francois' langur baby was born April 29 at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Watchful mom "Petunia" instinctively keeps the little bundle of unmistakable bright orange swaddled in her furry arms and legs. 

Langur cleveland zoo 1

Langur cleveland zoo 2

Langur cleveland zoo 4

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World's Cutest Francois Langur

Now we haven't seen every baby Francois Langur born in the world, but we are pretty confident when we say they don't come much cuter than this little girl. Born at Australia's Taronga Zoo just four days ago, this is a critical birth for conservation efforts. A recent census found that there may be as few as 1,000 Francois Langurs left in the wild in their native Vietnam and China.

Francois langur baby sleeping taronga zoo 

Francois langur long arms 1 taronga zoo

Francois langur long arms taronga zoo 

Francois langur baby 1 taronga zoo 

Photo credit (bottom three photos): Braden Fastier

Thanks to Holy Cuteness for sharing the video.

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Benjamin Button Born at the Lincoln Park Zoo

What is it about some baby monkey's that make them look like tiny, adorable, old men? Clearly baby langurs provided the inspiration for Benjamin Button. On a serious note,  Francois' langurs are an endangered species and this little fellow born at the Lincoln Park Zoo will contribute to a Species Survival Plan, aiding conservation efforts. 

Baby francois langur lincoln park zoo 1

Baby francois langur lincoln park zoo 2 

Nap time

Baby francois langur sleeping lincoln park zoo 3

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