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Knoxville Zoo's Red Panda Twins Looking for Names!

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Knoxville Zoo is now home to two Red Panda cubs, born June 1. The twins, one boy and one girl, are born to mother Scarlett and father Madan. Though young and still a bit reclusive, the cubs already have rather distinct personality traits. The female cub is feisty, often letting out a "huff-quack" - a cross between a hiss and a bark- to keep strangers at bay. Her brother is a bit more easy going, much like his father. Scarlett and her cubs have been bonding in their next box. When the twins are older, they will leave the nest box for the zoo's outdoor Red Panda exhibit. Until then, the 11 week old cubs are looking for names! The zoo is holding a naming contest for the pair. Voting will occur on their website starting August 31.

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The birth of these cubs brings the number of red pandas born at Knoxville Zoo to 106. The zoo ranks as one of the top two zoos in the world for the breeding of endangered red pandas. Red pandas are endangered, primarily due to destruction of their native habitat, which extends from western Nepal to northern Myanmar.

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Narragansett Turkey Poult is Ready for Her Close Up


Meet Barley, Knoxville Zoo's two-week-old Narragansett Turkey poult (the technical term for a new hatchling). Barley is a pretty important little bird, because Narragansett Turkeys are globally endangered; they are a heritage breed that fell out of fashion years ago, and now there are fewer than 1000 breeding birds in the U.S. Soon, Barley will be big enough to go on exhibit at the zoo.



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Firefoxes, Unite!

As huge fans of Firefoxes (aka Red Pandas) and Firefox, Mozilla's web browser, we were thrilled to see the two come together for some long overdue corporate / furry synergy. The cubs, born to mom Akkali and father Chewbacca, arrived at the Knoxville Zoo in June and we covered them when their eyes were barely open. Now almost six months old, the cubs are exhibiting the trademark playfulness of their age and the world can watch thanks to Mozilla's sponsorship of a bazillion live cub cams. Additionally, the joint Mozilla / Knoxville Zoo site provides links to adopt a Red Panda (surely a great holiday gift), name the cubs, and watch highlight videos. We have included the "trailer" vids below. Hopefully we will have more to share in the near future. You can follow the latest updates direct from the "Cub Keeper" on Twitter.



Photo and video credits: Knoxville Zoo

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Sleepy Red Panda Cubs in Knoxville

On June 14th, the Knoxville Zoo welcomed two fuzzy Red Panda cubs to mother Akkali and father Chewbacca. After three weeks the cubs are happy and healthy, although the first couple months for baby red pandas are always precarious. The Knoxville Zoo is a leader in Red Panda breeding and conservation, with 93 births since their first pair, Bernice and Buster, arrived in 1977. The zoo hopes to debut the cubs to the public in the next couple of weeks.

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Burmese Star Tortoise Hatchlings

This week the Knoxville Zoo became one of only four AZA accredited zoos to hatch critically endangered Burmese Star Tortoises. These little babies wriggled out of their shells to much fanfare, as habitat destruction and poaching has decimated the indigenous population in Myanmar. Can you believe anyone would want to eat these little guys (even if they do look grouchy)?!

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