New Baby Gorilla Makes 131!


Gorilla keepers at Howletts Wild Animal Park near Canterbury were delighted when another baby Gorilla was born on August 15. This is the fifth baby for mom Tamba, who is part of the Gorilla group headed by silverback Kouillou.

Neil Spooner, Animal Director at Howletts, said “Tamba and Kouillou are excellent parents and I’m so pleased that we have another addition to their family group”. The birth of this little one brings the total number of successful gorilla births between Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks to an impressive 131!

Tamba will hold her baby until it is about two months old, after which it will be able to ride on her back clinging to her fur. The baby will be dependent on Tamba for three or four years as it learns from her and the family how to find food, socialize, make nests and raise young. Gorillas breed very slowly. Females first breed when they are about 10 years old and give birth to a single infant every four to five years. Newborn gorillas are very small, weighing about 4-5 pounds (2kg), and are dependent on their mothers much like a human child.

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Photo Credits: Howletts Wild Animal Park

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Gorilla Birth at San Diego Zoo

Kokamo, San Diego Zoo's  22-year old Western Gorilla, cradles her baby, who was born at 9 p.m. on June 17, 2011. It was determined that the infant was a male and he has been named Monroe! Monroe is the first gorilla born at the Safari Park since October 2000.

Both mother and baby are doing great and keepers report that the mother is taking excellent care of the baby, which is nursing often. The animal care staff report a very strong bond. A newborn gorilla grows quickly and can be expected to learn to walk on its own by six months; by 18 months of age, it can follow Mom on foot for short distances. Gorillas have been known to nurse for up to three years.

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Photo Credit: San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park now has 6 western gorillas, a species listed as critically endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.Western gorillas live primarily with in tropical rain forests. A great deal of their habitat has been destroyed for roads and developments which have helped with the Gorillas decline in population. All gorillas are threatened due to poaching, hunting, habitat loss and many other reasons, most of them human induced.

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Western Lowland Gorilla Baby Born at Zoo Miami

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On Father's Day -- June 19 -- after months of anticipation, a tiny Western Lowland Gorilla was born to mom Kumbuka, 14-year old, at Zoo Miami in Florida.

Because the mother is so protective, zoo keepers don’t want to disturb the first critical days of bonding and nursing between her and her newborn, so the baby's gender and weight has not yet been determined.. The infant has been observed nursing and appears healthy. Once the staff can safely separate mother and infant, the veterinary staff will perform a neonatal exam.

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Photo Credit: Zoo Miami

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Beloved Atlanta Zoo Gorilla Gives Birth to Her Second


Kudzoo, a 17-year-old female western lowland gorilla at Zoo Atlanta, gave birth to an infant in the early morning hours of May 9, 2011. This is the second offspring for Mom Kudzoo and 21-year-old Dad Taz.

Western lowland gorillas live in the rainforests of equatorial Africa. A larger group of western lowland gorillas were discovered in 2007 in northern regions of the Republic of Congo. While these new groups provide new hopes for the future of the species, they remain critically endangered, with their numbers in continual decline because of poaching, habitat destruction, and disease.



Photo credits: Courtesy of Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta is home to the nation’s largest collection of gorillas, now with 24 individuals living in distinct social groups. The Zoo is a recognized center of excellence for the care and research of these critically endangered great apes. Since 1988, 19 gorillas have been born at Zoo Atlanta, 17 of whom still live on grounds!

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It's All Smiles at Dublin Zoo!


A four pound bundle of joy arrived at Dublin Zoo Sunday. Mother Lana is guarding her infant Gorilla around the clock and it may be some time before keepers have a chance to get a closer look and determine its sex. Keeper Ciaran McMahon said: "We are over the moon with the birth of the baby Gorilla. The new arrival is a great success for Dublin Zoo as part of the European breeding programme for these critically endangered primates. We are one of a few zoos to have a Gorilla family living together and we can see that the bonds between the group are very strong. The youngster is doing very well, within minutes the baby was feeding from mum, Lena, which is a very good sign. We can tell that the infant is strong because there are a lot of head movements."



Photo credits: Dublin Zoo

Big Steps for "Tiny" the Baby Gorilla


He’s been nicknamed "Tiny" by zookeepers, but ZSL London Zoo’s male Gorilla baby is now taking his first big steps. Thrilled zookeepers captured the moment on camera when the three-month-old youngster left his mother’s side for the first time to explore his Gorilla Kingdom home. Tiny, who has clung to his mother, 12-year-old Mjukuu, since birth, was urged on by her as he stumbled and crawled around the gorilla enclosure - much to the delight of his keepers. Under the watchful eyes of ‘Aunty’ Gorilla Zaire, 36, and Effie, 17, the baby made his way back to his mum, only to be gently pushed away and encouraged to continue his new adventure.




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Taronga's Gorilla Birth Provides Conservation Hope


A tiny female Western Lowland Gorilla has been born at Taronga Zoo. Born to experienced mother ‘Kriba’ on Saturday January 15, the youngster has been named ‘Kipenzi’ which means ‘precious one’ in Swahili. At just ten days old, the infant and mother, Kriba, are both well and visitors can expect to see glimpses of the newborn in coming days. The baby is Kriba’s 5th and the 8th born since the group arrived at Taronga from Appenheul in Holland in December 1996. The Zoo’s Director, Cameron Kerr, said: “With Gorillas under immense pressure in Africa, each birth is a small step in the efforts by world zoos to provide some level of insurance for a sustainable future for these remarkable great apes.”


Photo credits: Ric Stevens / Taronga Zoo

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Little Quembo the Gorilla Blizzard Baby


On December 20th, just as Europe's massive snowstorms came to an end, little Quembo the Gorilla was born to mother Dian at Frankfurt Zoo. According to Zoo Director, Dr. Manfred Niekisch, Dian is exhibiting all the signs of being a caring mother and Quembo is proving to be a healthy and vibrant baby boy. The other female gorillas in the group are also enjoying the a presence of a new face and have displayed gentle curiosity toward baby Quembo. Western Lowland Gorillas are considered threatened with extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) due to habitat destruction and poaching.


Gorilla_4Photo credits: Rob Cam / Second photo Zoo Frankurt

More photos below the fold...

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It's a Girl (Gorilla) for Franklin Park Zoo!

It’s another girl for Western Lowland Gorillas Kiki and Kitombe! The baby, born November 3 inside Franklin Park Zoo’s Tropical Forest, received her first well-baby examination by the Zoo’s veterinary staff this morning at which time her gender was confirmed. During the examination, the baby was separated from her mother so the veterinary staff could weigh her and draw blood. The baby weighs 6.6 pounds and measures 18 inches long.

Baby gorilla zoo new england 1_picnik

Baby gorilla zoo new england 1_picnik

“The examination went very well. The baby is very alert and appears healthy and strong,” said Dr. Eric Baitchman, Zoo New England Director of Veterinary Services. “While we will continue to closely monitor the baby’s development, we are happy with her progress so far. Kiki is an excellent mother with a lot of experience and she is doing everything a gorilla mother should.”

Baby gorilla zoo new england 3

Baby gorilla zoo new england 3Photo credits: Franklin Park Zoo

Franklin Park Zoo is home to eight Western Lowland Gorillas, including the baby, and all reside inside the Tropical Forest. ZNE is an active participant in the Gorilla Species Survival Plan (SSP), which is a cooperative, inter-zoo program coordinated nationally through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). SSPs are designed to maintain genetically diverse and demographically stable captive populations of species, like these critically endangered Gorillas. Kiki’s pregnancy was the result of a recommended breeding by the SSP.