Dogs, Dholes & Dingoes

Baby Dingoes Open Their Eyes!


These photos show Fort Wayne Children's Zoo's Dingo pups at 3 weeks old with their eyes open. The pups spend a lot of time yawning when they are awake. The puppies' parents Mattie and Naya are one of only about 75 pairs of pure Dingoes worldwide, so the pups are an important addition to the pure Dingo population.  In Australia, Dingoes have widely hybridized with domestic dogs, so pure Dingoes are rare. Mattie and Naya came to the zoo from Australia in 2010.




Cheryl Piropato/Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

New Playpal for Kasi the Cheetah Cub

Cheetah and puppy at busch gardens 3

Busch Gardens’ Cheetah cub has a new companion! Since the young Cheetah cub is being hand-raised by keepers, staff decided to pair him with a Labrador puppy as a playpal to help the animal socialize. Both animals are quite playful and naturally curious about the other. They have been getting along wonderfully. While this is Busch Gardens' first puppy / cheetah pairing, the move is not uncommon at zoos. “Male cheetahs are social and often live together in coalitions,” explained animal curator Tim Smith. “This social bond will be a very similar relationship, and they will be together for life."

Cheetah and puppy at busch gardens 2

Cheetah and puppy at busch gardens 4Photo credits: Matt Marriott / Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

The Cheetah and puppy each received names yesterday selected by the public. The Cheetah's name, Kasi" means "one with speed" while the Lab's name, Mtani, means "close friend" in Swahili. See pics of Kasi as a young cub here.

Feisty Puppies Emerge to Frolic

African Wild Dog ready to play at Ail Ain

After three long but cozy months in the den, Al Ain Wildlife Park's African Wild Dog pups are now ready to frolic in the sun. All six pups have emerged happy and healthy and are learning how to hunt from their parents and other pack members. With their numbers dramatically reduced in the wild due to human persecution, habitat loss, decline in prey and disease spread by domestic dogs, these births mark a great success for Al Ain's Desert Carnivore Conservation & Breeding Programme

African Wild Dogs looking for trouble at Ail Ain Wildlife Park

African Wild Dogs get ready to rock at Ail Ain Wildlife Park

African Wild Dogs on the hunt with mom

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Ten (10!!!) African Wild Dog Puppies Born at Brookfield Zoo


Now that's a fine litter! The Chicago Zoological Society, which manages the Brookfield Zoo, proudly announced the birth of not one, not two, but TEN African Wild Dog puppies. This pile of pups was only the third (and final) litter of African Wild Dogs to be born in North American zoos in 2010. Today veterinarians performed physicals and vaccinations on the pups. African Wild Dogs are endangered in the wild due to human encroachment, diseases transmitted from domestic dogs, snaring and poisoning. “This litter is critically important to the managed population of African wild dogs in North America. We are excited about the role the puppies will play in inspiring a connection between our guests and these incredible animals, as well as communicating the plight of these dogs’ counterparts in the wild,” said Amy Roberts, curator of mammals for the Chicago Zoological Society.




All photo and video credits: Chicago Zoological Society

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Maybe the Dingo Ate Your Kibble...

Dingoes are not domestic dogs but boy does this little pup look like one! New Zealand's Wellington Zoo welcomed a new Dingo puppy from Australia this past Friday, July 23rd. There is a common misconception that Dingoes were simply domestic dogs that went wild but they are actually a distinct evolutionary line. The most popular theory suggests that Australian Dingo developed from semi-tame wolf-like ancestors that accompanied humans to the continent around 4,000 years ago.

Dingo puppy hamilton zoo 1

Dingo puppy hamilton zoo 2

Baby Bush Dogs!

In late May, Chester Zoo welcomed a litter of seven Bush Dog pups, which were photographed by Gary Wilson. Like wolves and domestic dogs, the Bush Dog is a member of the canine family (Canidae) but the relationship is distant and they developed to look very different. In fact, Bush Dogs descended from Maned Wolves which are themselves not closely related to any other living wolf or fox. Small and shy, Bush Dogs were first discovered as fossils in Brazilian caves in the 1800s and scientists were suprised when they discovered living Bush Dogs years later. They are found in the wet forests and grasslands of Central and South America, where specialized skin between their toes makes them excellent swimmers.





Photo Credits: Gary Wilson

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Feisty Dingo Puppies Make Their Debut

Four months old and full of energy, male dingo pup Mattie and female pup Naya come to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo in Indiana straight from the Dingo Discovery Centre in Victoria, Australia. While they may look like domestic dogs, dingoes started branching off as a subspecies 4,000-5,000 years ago. Unlike domestic dogs, dingoes howl instead of bark and can only breed once a year. In the photos below, Mattie and Naya explore their new exhibit for the first time and reportedly "enjoyed it immensely!"

Dingo 4 months old Fort Wayne Children's Zoo (6)

Dingo puppies Fort Wayne Children's Zoo (1)

Dingo puppies Fort Wayne Children's Zoo 2

Dingo 4 months old Fort Wayne Children's Zoo 7

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