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Denver Zoo Raises Palm Cockatoo Count by Two!

Denver Zoo Palm Cockatoo 1

Denver Zoo recently welcomed two Palm Cockatoos from two different breeding pairs. The chicks hatched on January 18 and February 10 and their genders are still unknown. Though the hatchlings will eventually be on display at the zoo's Nurture Trail exhibit, they are currently growing and developing under the watchful eye of bird keepers in the zoo's Bird Propagation Center. These are the second and third Palm Cockatoo chicks to be hatched at North American Zoos in the last year.

Denver Zoo Palm Cockatoo 2
Photo credits: Denver Zoo / Dave Parsons

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Meet Kanoa, Denver's Newest De Brazza's Monkey!


Denver Zoo is thrilled to announce the birth of a male De Brazza's Monkey named Kanoa! He was born to mother, Marinda and father, Kisoro, on November 27. This is the second birth for Kisoro, who came to Denver Zoo after being rescued from a black market in the Congo. Like his sister Kanani, born December 19, 2009, Kanoa is described as very independent and precocious despite his mother's early attempts to be protective. This makes his name all the more appropriate. "Kanoa" is Hawaiian for "free one."

Debrazzas_baby_5302l_dpPhoto credits: Dave Parsons / Denver Zoo

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Denver Hatches Dragons in Time for Halloween!

As Halloween draws near, Denver Zoo is hatching dragons! Komodo Dragons, that is. Four have already hatched and four more eggs remain in an incubator. The hatchlings began emerging from their shells a week ago. They are all behind-the-scenes now, but visitors should be able to see them in Tropical Discovery’s nursery in time for the zoo’s Halloween event, Boo at the Zoo.



A Komodo Dragon hatchling emerges from its shell (Below)


Photo Credit: Dave Parsons/Denver Zoo

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Hesty Makes Her Debut

Little Hesty, the baby Sumatran Orangutan, got off to a rocky start back in June and July as ZooBorns readers might recall. Her mother, Nias, did not nurse her baby properly and Hesty was removed from her mother to be fed by Denver Zoo staff. Fortunately, training efforts with Hesty and Nias on how to nurse properly eventually paid off, and now all is well. Hesty made her public debut this weekend.

Hesty the baby orangutan at denver zoo 1

Hesty the baby orangutan at denver zoo 1

Hesty the baby orangutan at denver zoo 1

Hesty the baby orangutan at denver zoo 1
Photo credits: Dave Parsons / Denver Zoo

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Denver Zoo Rescues Ailing Baby Orangutan

On Jun 19th, Denver Zoo welcomed a new baby Sumatran Orangutan to mother Mias. Eleven days after the birth, zoo staff noticed the infant looked weak. After sedating Mias so they could examine the infant, named Hesty, they realized the baby was severely dehydrated and had not been nursing properly. Despite veterinarians best efforts to encourage proper nursing, they had to intervene again when the baby appeared unresponsive July 1st. Due to the exceptional care provided by Denver Zoo staff, the baby is now healthy and has been reunited with mother Hesty. Throughout the process, keepers and vets cared for the baby in view of mom, who watched attentively throughout the process.

Baby orangutan denver zoo 1 rs

Baby orangutan denver zoo 2

Baby orangutan denver zoo 3

Baby orangutan denver zoo 4

Baby orangutan denver zoo 5Photo credits: Dave Parsons / Denver Zoo

Read the whole story below the fold.


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Denver Zoo Tiger Quadruplets!

Denver Zoo is celebrating the birth of four endangered Amur tiger cubs born May 31 in a private maternity den. The cubs cannot be seen by visitors yet and are being monitored by keepers via a closed-circuit camera. Zoo veterniarians gave the cubs a clean bill of health at a recent exam.The quadruplet cubs are the first to be born at Denver Zoo since 2003. An announcement will be made when the cubs are big enough to be seen in their zoo habitat.


Denver Zoo Baby Tiger5

Denver Zoo Baby Tiger6

Denver Zoo Baby Tiger4

Denver Zoo Baby Tiger1
Photo Credits: Dave Parsons/Denver Zoo

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Sea Lion Pup Splashes into Denver

On Sunday June 13th, Denver Zoo welcomed a vocal little sea lion pup, their first in 17 years! Denver Zoo visitors now can see the female pup as she explores the seal pool in the zoo’s Northern Shores area with her mother. Weighing just 15 pounds now, she will eventually tip the scales at a burly 195 to 230 pounds.

Sea lion pup denver zoo 1

Sea lion pup denver zoo 2

Sea lion pup denver zoo 3Photo credits: Dave Parsons / Denver Zoo

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Meet Cricket, a Beautiful 'Little' Lady

Although it typically takes human babies around 12 months to take their first steps, baby giraffes can stand within 20 minutes of birth. Given that calves like little Cricket here stand 6' 4" tall on long, wobbly legs, this is even more remarkable. Born April 14th, Cricket is already running laps around the Denver Zoo's giraffe yard at just over one week old!

Baby giraffe calf denver zoo 1

Baby giraffe calf denver zoo 2

Baby giraffe calf denver zoo 3 rs1

Baby giraffe calf denver zoo 4

Baby giraffe calf denver zoo 3 rs2 Photo credits: Dave Parsons / Denver Zoo

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Feisty Fossa Debuts in Denver

This week, the Denver Zoo welcomed Dorian the fossa, a feisty and mischievous four year old. However, we used this occasion as an excuse to dig up some old photos of Dorian and his two siblings when they were just pups at the San Diego Zoo back in 2006.

Baby fossa sd zoo 1

Baby fossa sd zoo 2

Baby fossa sd zoo 3

Above photo credits: San Diego Zoo

Fossas are the largest carnivore in Madagascar and they are closely related to the mongoose. In case you doubted their feistiness, enjoy the video below. They are like cat-weasels on speed.

A portrait of Dorian as a young man, getting used to his new surroundings at the Denver Zoo.

Dorian as a young man

Photo credit: Dave Parsons / Denver Zoo 

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Adoptive Parents Save Endangered Penguin Chick

Quick thinking and action by staff at Denver Zoo and Pueblo Zoo probably saved the life of an African penguin chick. On March 20, four days past its due date, the chick was assisted with emerging from its shell by Pueblo Zoo Animal Care Coordinator Melanie Pococke. Pococke then sought help from Denver Zoo staff in caring for the tiny bird, when the hatchling’s biological parents at Pueblo Zoo were unable to care for it.


Zookeepers from each zoo met halfway to bring the chick to Denver Zoo where it was placed under the care of experienced parents. The chick’s surrogate father, Durban, and mother, Spencer, are now taking excellent care of their adopted youngster.


Zookeepers always prefer animals are raised by their parents or surrogates of the same species. This helps ensure they have the skills to raise their own young. Upon receiving the chick, Durban and Spencer immediately began “brooding” the chick by covering it with their bodies and wings for protection and quickly began feeding it.

Photo Credits: Photo Credit: Greg Henry/Denver Zoo 

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