Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Monkey See, Monkey Hair Do

We want your vote (via comment, facebook, email, or twitter) for best hair do. America's newest Golden Lion Tamarins are facing off in a ZooBorns showdown for coolest coiffe. ('Elvis', on the left, is from Zoo Atlanta and 'Orolito', right, is from Cleveland Metroparks Zoo). Send the name of your pick via any of the channels above and we'll tally the results. Click the images below to enlarge.


Extra points may be awarded for clinging technique...

Full 'Orolito' courtesy of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo/ 'Elvis' courtesy of smileybears

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Endangered Tree Kangaroo Emerges from Her Pouch

Meet the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's newest and cutest little Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroo joey. Unlike their Australian ground dwelling cousins, Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroos live in New Guinea and spend most of their lives high in the trees. They have an amazing ability to jump from trees, having been observed leaping down to the ground from 30 feet or more on a whim. Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroos are endangered due to poaching and habitat destruction.

Baby goodfellows tree kangaroo joey cleveland metroparks 1 rs

Baby goodfellows tree kangaroo joey cleveland metroparks 3 rs

Baby goodfellows tree kangaroo joey cleveland metroparks 2 rs

Baby goodfellows tree kangaroo joey cleveland metroparks 4 rs

Photo and video credits: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

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The Real Kung Fu Pandas

Favorite zoo video to date: rough-housing Red Panda cub footage set to music from Kill Bill at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. They have clearly mastered Crane style.

Juvenile Red Pandas play to learn skills that will be useful later in life. Wrestling skills for example may some day help them acquire a better mate, defend themselves from predators or get them a breakthrough role in a Tarantino movie.

Meet Mei Mei at Cleveland Metroparks

Three red panda triplets bounded into Cleveland Metroparks Zoo earlier this summer. Little Pang Pang and Xiao are currently on exhibit but Mei Mei required special veterinary care and is getting special attention from zoo staff behind the scenes. Mei Mei is pictured below at 4 weeks and 9 weeks.

Baby mei mei red panda cincinnati zoo 1 rs

Baby mei mei red panda cincinnati zoo 2 rs

In other Red Panda veterinary news, the Smithsonian National Zoo's newest Red Panda received a clean bill of health after an EKG pictured below.

National Zoo Red Panda Cub EKG 09.09.09

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ZooBorns Need Mothers Too #3

Even within the safety of a zoo exhibit, mothers provide comfort and a sense of security that has no substitute. Weighing under a pound, this tiny Francois' langur baby was born April 29 at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Watchful mom "Petunia" instinctively keeps the little bundle of unmistakable bright orange swaddled in her furry arms and legs. 

Langur cleveland zoo 1

Langur cleveland zoo 2

Langur cleveland zoo 4

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