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Pulling for Cincinnati's Rare Rhino Calf

Nikki, the Cincinnati Zoo’s endangered Indian Rhino, gave birth early this morning to the world’s first live Indian Rhino calf produced by artificial insemination (AI). Nikki delivered a male calf at 6:06 a.m. in her indoor stall. Currently, the calf is in critical condition with Zoo staff working diligently to feed and stabilize him. Meanwhile, Nikki is doing well and will remain indoors. Nikki has been monitored 24 hours a day since the first of October.  She became increasingly restless throughout Monday evening into the night. Cincinnati Zoo Volunteer Observers called Zoo staff in early Tuesday morning. Nikki delivered her calf while volunteer and staff watched anxiously via a live video feed. As soon as the calf was born, Zoo staff jumped into action to assist and resuscitate the calf who was at first not breathing.  The calf has been successfully breathing on its own since.



Photo credits: Cincinnati Zoo

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Raising a Little Wallaby

Meet the Cincinnati Zoo's newest little Parma Wallaby joey. This species of wallaby is the smallest in the genus Macropus, which includes all kangaroos, wallaroos and some wallabies. Extremely shy in the wild, Parma Wallabies were thought to be extinct until the mid 1960s, when a small hidden population was discovered in the swampy forests of Kawau Island off the coast of New Zealand.

Baby wallaby joey cincinnati zoo 2

Baby wallaby joey cincinnati zoo 1

Living in the nursery for now, this baby wallaby will eventually become an outreach animal at the zoo.

Cincinnati's Yoda Baby

Well, he's really a White-Handed Gibbon. Photographer Paul Becker captured these shots last week while visiting the Cincinnati Zoo. The two-month-old Gibbon is named Possum. In the wild, White-Handed Gibbons (Lar Gibbons) are threatened by poaching for bushmeat and capture for the pet trade. The largest danger, however, is the loss of habitat in their native Southeast Asia. Incidentally, any experts out there know what species Yoda is, technically?




Photo Credits: Paul Becker taken at Cincinnati Zoo

Arabian Sand Cat Kittens!

Meet the Cincinnati Zoo's newest little Arabian Sand Cat kittens, who just debuted to the public today. Born on October 29th, the kittens, male "Najah" and female "Fath," currently weigh just 1lb. 12 oz. and 1 lb. 6 oz. respectively.

Arabian Sand Cat kittens 1 rs Arabian Sand Cat kittens 2 rsPhoto credits: Cincinnati Zoo 

The kittens' parents are a specially selected breeding pair from the Al Wabra Reserve in Qatar. Sand cats have fur on their feet to walk on hot sands and dig their own burrows to make nests and avoid the heat of the desert.

Our First Fishing Cats!

A first for ZooBorns and the first in 15 years for the Cincinnati Zoo: Fishing Cats! As their name suggests, Fishing Cats are specialists at hunting critters in the water. They will even dive-in head first to catch their prey! This makes them the perfect cat to take in the bath with you (kidding!).

The Cincinnati Zoo has been working with other AZA institutions to study these elusive felines in the wilds of Thailand. Learn more, including how to help, at

Fishing cats cincinnati zoo 1 rs 

Fishing cats cincinnati zoo 2 rs 

Fishing cats cincinnati zoo 3b rs

Watch them do some fishing!

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Cincinnati's Lynx Babies

Two Eurasian lynx were born March 26th at the Cincinnati Zoo to parents “Birk” and “Nahlin”. The Eurasian lynx is uncommon in U.S. zoos and the Cincinnati Zoo is excited to be home to the newest additions. ZooBorns is proud to welcome the pair as the first of their kind to be featured on our site.




Photo Credits: (top: David Jenike and the Cincinnati Zoo, bottom two: Connie Lemperle and the Cincinnati Zoo)

The Zoo has also welcomed a baby, takin, okapi, golden head lion tamarin, a Bennet’s wallaby, galapagos tortoises, an Angolan python, a green tree python, and MORE... All these ZooBorns can be seen at the Zoo's "Zoo Babies" event which runs from May 9th to May 24th.

Tommy T. versus Pow Wow: Round II

ZooBorns introduced you to a tiny Tommy T. back in December, when he was just a cuddly cheetah cub at the Cincinnati Zoo. A week later, we shared pics of Tommy with his new playpal, Pow Wow the Anatolian shepherd puppy. Well both have grown a lot since then, but they have certainly not outgrown a vigorous wrestling match.


Tommy t and shephard dog 3

Tommy t and shephard dog 1

Tommy t and shephard dog 2

Tommy t and shephard dog 4

Tommy t and shephard dog 5

Tommy t and shephard dog 7
Looks like this round goes to Tommy T!

Special thanks to Jason B for the fantastic series of pics.