Filthy Baby Bear Goes to the Vet


Just last week, Aalborg Zoo keepers finally succeeded in separating a very muddy cub from mom Malik in the birth den for an overdue veterinary examination. Not surprisingly, mom and cub were not happy about this as evidenced by the cubs feisty resistance in these photos. However, the examination went swiftly taking only 4 minutes, during which time the cub was weighed (already 35lbs / 15kg!), the gender was determined (it's a boy!), and a DNA sample was obtained. The Aalborg Zoo explained "When the cub returned to mom, it didn't take long until it seemed as happy and adventorous as before the weird incident. Afterwards the zookeepers handfed the cub with a special treat: dried figs, and this offer wasn't refused."


Dirty-boyPhoto credits: Sussi Køber

More pictures and video of the cub playing outside below the fold, or see previous ZooBorns coverage of the little guy from March 1st and February.

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It's Raining Little Penguins!

A bird in hand... baby penguin at the Cinncinnati Zoo

Apparently it's baby penguin season on ZooBorns with the latest adorable installment coming direct from the Cincinnati Zoo. This Little Penguin chick is just two-weeks old and is currently being cared for behind the scenes, inside the Zoo's Wings of Wonder exhibit.The chick weighs approximately 250 grams (or a quarter-pound), but is expected to weigh just over two pounds as an adult. Mom, “Oreo” (7-years-old) and dad, “Boomer” (8-years-old), were not properly incubating the egg, so staff at the Cincinnati Zoo made the decision to pull the egg and incubate it themselves. Little Penguins are the smallest species of penguin but that doesn't mean this chick doesn't like to eat. Zoo aviculture staff have to feed the demanding little bird six times a day, every three hours. At first it was fed a delicious fish milkshake but has since graduated to slices of fish (sashimi if you will).

Feed me! -  Baby penguin at the Cinncinnati Zoo

Baby penguin at the Cinncinnati Zoo

Don't miss this great video

Romp Around the Clock

The National Zoo's Andean Bear cubs have emerged to romp about for delighted Zoo visitors. The weather is perfect for these native South American cubs, born back in January, to begin exploring. Also called spectacled bears, in the wild these bears are typically docile and cautious when approached by humans, but will fiercely protect their cubs if threatened. Their colorings can vary greatly and some Andean Bears' heads are entirely cream colored.

Andean bear cub smithsonian national zoo 1

Andean bear cub smithsonian national zoo 2

Andean bear cub smithsonian national zoo 3

Little Sun Bear in Singapore

The oldest – and possibly ‘fiercest’ – sun bear at the Singapore Zoo is now the proud grandmother of a yet to be named male baby bear. This 33-year-old matriarch named Garang, which means ‘fierce’ in Malay, and her daughter Judy welcomed the new family member in February.

Baby sun bear singapore zoo 3 rs

Baby sun bear singapore zoo 2 rs

Baby sun bear singapore zoo 1 rs

Photo credits: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

A species ‘vulnerable’ to extinction, Singapore Zoo, is doing its part to ensure the sun bear’s survival through its successful captive breeding programme, which has produced three sun bears since Garang’s arrival as a one-year-old cub in 1978. Mother and daughter duo Judy and Matahari were both born in Singapore Zoo, as was the latest three-month-old addition.

Baby Bear Cubs Revealed!

After much anticipation, the Smithsonian National Zoo reveals the first pics of their two Andean bear cubs born mid-January. After months of seclusion in their den with Mom, zoo staff finally determined that one of the cubs is male and the other is female. The cubs remain off exhibit as they adjust to the presence of people. Also known as spectacled bears, this species is native to South America and vulnerable to extinction from poaching and habitat destruction.


Photo Credits: Mehgan Murphy / National Zoo

Follow the cubs' progress via the Zoo's bear cam!

Frolicking Brown Bears at the Bronx Zoo

Meet the newest residents of the Bronx Zoo - a furry foursome - one young grizzly and three brown bear cubs - rescued seperately in Montana and Alaska. Having just arrived in their new home they are clearly enjoying themselves, running, splashing, and playing even in the cold. Watch the big cubs frolic in this heartwarming video.

Brown bear cubs bronx zoo 2 rs2 Photo credits: Julie Larsen 

For information on these lovable, playful bears, visit the Bronx Zoo's special page for the foursome.