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September 2012

It's a Boy! San Diego's Baby Panda Gets His Third Check-up


Last week, San Diego Zoo examined its five-week-old baby Giant Panda for the third time. Veterinarians determined that the 3.2-pound cub is a boy! He's a bit lighter in weight than mother Bai Yun's previous five cubs, but this baby panda looks healthy with a belly girth of 12 inches, indicating he is eating well. The 13-inch-long cub gained 1 pound from his previous exam a week earlier. San Diego Zoo follows the Chinese cultural tradition of naming Giant Pandas after they are 100 days old. Stay tuned as San Diego Zoo will be announcing details on how the public can help name the new cub. The cub will remain in the den with his mother several months. Watch them live on the zoo's Panda Cam:




Photo credit: Ken Bohn / Zoological Society of San Diego 


Berlin Zoo Welcomes a New Baby Elephant

Side by side

The Berlin Zoo is celebrating the safe arrival of their newest baby Asian Elephant, a healthy female. She was born just after midnight on August 12, standing 3.28 feet tall (one meter) and weighing 353 pounds (160 kg), after a 654 day gestation – that's nearly two years! Last week she made her public debut to the delight of the many zoo guests who came to see her.

Asian Elephants are endangered, the major threat being loss of habitat, poaching for their ivory tusks and conflict with human encroachment.


Photo Credit: Zoo Berlin

This is the fourth baby for mother, Pang Pha. Since Mom was a gift to the the zoo from the Royal Thai Government, zoo staff has named her new calf Anchali, which means 'greeting' in Thai. Victor, Anchali’s father, is 18 years old. Like most male Elephants, he has little contact with his offspring. Anchali has been successfully nursing on her own, though it makes her sleepy... In the video below you can catch her napping peacefully afterwards at her mother's feet. 

Tiger Triplets debut at Bronx Zoo


The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo roared with new activity last week as three Amur Tiger cubs born in April made their public debut.   The cubs, one male and two females, are vitally important to the future of wild Tigers:  in the last 100 years, the global wild Tiger population has plummeted 97 percent.  Only about 3,200 Tigers remain in the wild, with only 1,000 breeding females.  Amur Tigers, also known as Siberian Tigers, are among the rarest big cats on Earth.


Photo Credit:  Julie Larsen Maher


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Tall, dark and handsome: Baby Giraffe born at Great Plains Zoo

Great Plains Zoo Giraffe Calf 1

The Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum of Natural History welcomed a new Giraffe to its herd on Sunday, September 2.  The Zoo’s 13-year-old Reticulated Giraffe “Libby” gave birth to her fourth calf, a male weighing 147 pounds and standing about six feet tall.  The Zoo’s animal care staff monitored the birth from the lobby of the Giraffe Barn. 

Great Plains Zoo Giraffe Calf 3

Great Plains Zoo Giraffe Calf 4

After a 15-month gestation, Giraffes give birth standing up, and the calves drop more than five feet to the ground.  The fall doesn’t hurt the calf; it just causes it to take a breath.  After about an hour, the calf can stand, walk, and begin to nurse - a trait essential for survival on the African savannah.    

“The birth of a Giraffe calf is latest in a long list of significant births we’ve had in the past year,” said Elizabeth A. Whealy, President and CEO of the Great Plains Zoo.  “This is an exciting time for the Zoo, as we work to help create healthy populations of these precious animals.” 

Photo Credits:  Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum

Miniature Donkey is a Huge Hit

Donkey foal720-3

A Miniature Donkey was born in the early hours of August 31 at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.  The female foal was the first for mother Naomi. 

“The foal’s belly and legs were still a little wet when we arrived at 7:30 in the morning,” said zoo keeper Sarah Sloan.  It didn’t take long for the little female, who is also named Sarah, to stand, walk, and nurse.  By early afternoon, the foal was delighting zoo visitors with clumsy romps around the outdoor yard while Naomi kept a close eye on her daughter.

Donkey foal720-1

Donkey foal720-2
Photo Credits:  Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

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Baby Skunk Is Stinkin' Cute

Skunk 3

A four-month old baby Skunk is the newest star of the live animal show at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.  Thurston makes his debut this weekend in the zoo’s twice-daily show entitled “Captain Adventure vs. Dr. Do-Nothing: The Quest to Get Outside!”

Thurston has had his scent glands removed to protect the audience from any unexpected skunky outbursts.


Skunk 4

Skunk 2

Striped Skunks live throughout North America, where they inhabit forests, grasslands, and urban areas.  They feed on insects, small animals, fruits, grains, and nuts, with their diet varying considerably with the seasons.  When threatened by another animal, Skunks release a very unpleasant odor from their highly- developed anal scent glands.

The zoo’s live animal show features a superheroine, a superdog, a dastardly villain, 13-16 animals and five zoo staff to deliver a message about the importance of getting out into nature. 

Photo Credits:  Point Defiance Zoo & Aquraium

Baby Numbats are Born to be Wild


These baby Numbats, photographed shortly after their mother deposited them in an underground burrow, are part of the Perth Zoo's Native Species Breeding Program.  This unique program breeds Numbats and other endangered animals for release into the Australian wilderness.  So far in 2012, 19 Numbats have been born at the zoo for release into the wild to help rebuild populations of this endangered marsupial. 


Photo Credit:  Perth Zoo

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Visitor Captures Cincinnati's Charming Cheetah Cub


Cincinnati Zoo visitor Spera captured these compelling images while visiting the zoo's nursery in late July. Savannah, the baby Cheetah, born June 22, is seen playing with Dawn Strasser, the Head Nursery Keeper. Savannah is now out of the nursery and is living with the rest of the Cheetahs at Cincinnati's Cheetah Encounter. Currently she is not on exhibit.



Photo credit: Spera, taken at Cincinnati Zoo


Paignton Zoo Welcomes Baby Rothschild's Giraffe

Cu noses

Zoo keepers are watching over a baby Rothschild's Giraffe born at Paignton Zoo. The new arrival was came into the world at around 6:00 a.m. on September 4 to mother Sangha and father Yoda. The as yet unnamed calf stands at nearly six feet tall. Rothschild Giraffes are one of the most threatened of the nine giraffe sub-species, with fewer than 700 remaining in the wild.

Although the youngster tried valiantly to nurse, its keepers have now taken the baby under their wing to hand-rear because it was not getting enough milk. Parent rearing is always preferable and keepers were hopeful, as this mother has done it before quite successfully -- but in this case they ended up having to step in. Luckily, a local dairy, Riverford Organic Dairy, has been able to supply them with the necessary milk.



Photo Credit: Paignton Zoo

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Baby Ringtail Possums Get a Second Chance

Taronga Zoo Possum Lorinda Taylor 3

A Taronga Zoo keeper is caring for two Ringtail Possum joeys that arrived at the Zoo via the Taronga Wildlife Hospital. Although they’re about the same age, the little boy is much more fragile than the little female, which was found separately. The male joey was found in a nature strip and it’s thought that after many hours of being unable to feed from his deceased mother the youngster ventured out of the pouch looking for food. Lucky for him a Good Samaritan saw the joey and brought him into Taronga's care. Taronga officials reminded the Australian public, "With spring almost here there will be lots of young about, so if you see a dead possum please check its pouch."


Taronga Zoo Possum Lorinda Taylor 4

Taronga Zoo Possum Lorinda Taylor 2

Taronga Zoo Possum Lorinda Taylor 1
Photo credit: Lorinda Taylor / Taronga Zoo

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