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Meet Marwell's Newest Little Cottontops!

Baby Cotton Top Tamarin at the Marwell Zoo 4

The UK's Marwell Wildlife recently welcomed baby Cottontop Tamarins and photographer Amy Wilton was on the scene to capture one of the little guys first days in the big world. Tamarins are the smallest of all monkeys and Cottontops grow only to about one pound. Unfortunately this tiny species is critically endangered with three quarters of its habitat in Columbia destroyed by logging and development. 

Baby Cotton Top Tamarin at the Marwell Zoo 1

Baby Cotton Top Tamarin at the Marwell Zoo 5

Baby Cotton Top Tamarin at the Marwell Zoo 3Photo credits: Amy Wilton

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Officials from the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo announced yesterday that after a thorough seven-day search in the zoo’s Reptile House, the missing Egyptian cobra has been found inside the building. Officials made the announcement at a news conference, where they showed a photograph of the adolescent snake resting comfortably in a secure enclosure. This morning kicked off a whirlwind media tour with the yet to be named female Cobra joining the ladies of The View for a special live broadcast.


Photo credit: Julie Larsen Maher / Wildlife Conservation Society