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July 2010

Double Dose of Baby Sea Otter

Just last week we brought you the story of Kaladi, the little orphan Sea Otter at Alaska SeaLife Center. Well this week we bring you another dose of truly unbearably cute baby otter, once again a rescued orphan being raised at the the SeaLife Center. 

Meet Tazo. Only a few weeks old, he enjoys socializing with other otters, playing in a tote bag full of ice and toys, and eating clams. Not a bad day if you're an otter. Speaking of which, do not miss Tazo's fussy noises in the video at the bottom. Adorable.

Baby sea otter tazo alaska sealife center 2

Baby sea otter tazo alaska sealife center 3

Baby sea otter tazo alaska sealife center 1

Baby sea otter tazo alaska sealife center 4

Name the Snow Leopard Cubs!

Calling all kids 12 and under! The Cape May County Zoo in Cape May, New Jersey is holding a naming contest and they need your help. Two male baby snow leopard cubs were born in early May to first-time mother Himani and father Vijay. You may submit your names for the two cubs online to (include your name, age, address, phone number, email and cub names). You may also submit your names in person at the zoo. To learn more about the contest and to see posted entries, visit the contest web page. The zoo has plans to build a new habitat for the Snow Leopard family and fund raising efforts are to begin this summer.





Photo Credits: William MacQueen/Cape May County Zoo

Little Lemurs Swing into Cleveland

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is proud to announce the birth of two red ruffed lemurs, a male and a female, on June 7, 2010. The births continue the Zoo's long history of success with the species. They are the first offspring of father Toros and mother Vari, who was born at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in May 2005. They are gaining strength quickly and are regularly seen crawling out of their nest box, climbing onto their mother, playing and hanging from the branches within their enclosure. The babies are on exhibit in the Zoo's Primate, Cat & Aquatics Building. Red ruffed lemurs are native to Madagascar and critically endangered in the wild.

Female at 1 Day Old

Red ruffed lemur cleveland metro parks 1

Male at 1 Day Old

Red ruffed lemur cleveland metro parks 2

Red ruffed lemur cleveland metro parks 5

Hitching a Ride with Mom

Red ruffed lemur cleveland metro parks 6

Red ruffed lemur cleveland metro parks 3

Red ruffed lemur cleveland metro parks 4

It's a Mouse... It's a Deer... It's a Mouse Deer!

A tiny deer at Paignton Zoo has given birth just months after she lay critically ill on the operating table. A long and complicated illness required the tiny lesser Malay mouse deer to undergo multiple rounds of general anaesthesia and surgery. Due to the hard work of zoo vets and a little luck, the tiny deer overcame it's illness and on June 19th gave birth to an even tinier little fawn. Mouse deer are the smallest members of the animal family that includes pigs, hippos, camels, deer, antelopes, sheep and goats. Adults are 45 to 55 centimetres long (18 to 22 inches) and can live for about 12 years.




Young Turtles, the Size of a Dinner Plate

On July 1st the Monterey Bay Aquarium placed five lively juvenile green sea turtles on exhibit as part of its “Hot Pink Flamingos: Stories of Hope in a Changing Sea” special exhibition. The young sea turtles are just under 9 months old and each is about the size of a dinner plate. The sea turtles are featured in a gallery that shows how rising temperatures could alter the gender of an incubating clutch of sea turtle eggs, or how rising sea levels threaten sea turtles’ nesting beaches.

Green sea turtle monterey bay aquarium 1 rs

Green sea turtle monterey bay aquarium 2 rsPhoto credits: ©Monterey Bay Aquarium / Randy Wilder 

Senior Aquarist Veronica Franklin brought 10 young sea turtles to the aquarium on June 24 from SeaWorld San Diego, where they were among 82 hatchlings born October 5 to resident sea turtles in the park’s “Shipwreck Beach.” The sea turtles’ gender will remain a mystery until they mature a little more. 

The young sea turtles at the aquarium will rotate between the exhibit and behind-the-scenes holding pools. The two larger turtles they replaced, as well as some of the smaller turtles, will be part of the aquarium’s remodeled “Open Sea” galleries that open in July 2011.

There’s more information online about their background, and how Franklin and her staff care for the turtles, at

Rescued Penguins Return to the Wild

When Australian surfers found three weak juvenile penguins on beaches near Sydney, they contacted the Taronga Zoo, which admitted them to their animal hospital. After almost three months of rehab, the still tiny penguins were healthy enough to return to their ocean home. Watch some of their recovery and their release in the touching video below and make sure to catch their post meal singing session around minute 1:40.

Penguins come ashore to molt and during that time they are particularly vulnerable to predators.

Funky Bottle-Feeding Spider Monkey

This is Marvin, the new baby Red-faced Spider Monkey at the UK's Twycross Zoo. Born May 2, the tiny monkey is being hand-reared by the keepers. According to photographer Sypix, he seemed to be very attached to his pink blanket. Red-faced Spider Monkeys live up to thirty years in the wild and even longer in captivity. They are protected by the Amazon Animal Protection Act of 1973, although they are still listed as vulnerable to extinction.



Play Time for Polar Bear Baby

Meet Siku, the only Polar Bear cub in an American zoo. "Siku" means “ice” in the Inupiat language, and it was chosen for him by a fourth grader from the North Slope Borough of Alaska. The Toledo Zoo, in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund, Polar Bears International and the North Slope Borough Department of Wildlife Management, sponsored a naming contest for children in that area in which they suggested names for the cub. The Zoo’s large mammal keepers chose Siku, and it’s a fitting name for an animal whose wild counterparts depend on ice shelves for hunting.




4740329982_7f866ed9cfPhoto Credits: Jen Lockridge

Meet Kaladi the Orphan Sea Otter

In late May, two concerned citizens discovered a three day old Sea Otter alone on the beach in Kodiak, Alaska. After obvserving her for several hours and seeing no sign of a parent, they contacted the US Fish and Wildlife Service, who in turn determined that they baby was an orphan and transferred the tiny ball of fluff to the Alaska SeaLife Center's rehabilitation program. Named Kaladi, the young otter has thrived, spending her first month eating, playing, crawling, and cuddling and on June 25th, she was transferred to her new home at Point Defiance Zoo in Washington. In our professional opinion as baby-animaloligsts, the video below is absolutely priceless.

Baby sea otter alaska sealife center 2

Baby sea otter alaska sealife center

Photos and video courtesy of the Alaska SeaLife Center

Chick in Boots!

Born last week and standing a mere 4 and 1/2 inches (12 cm) tall in these photos, this tiny African Crowned Crane is being hand-reared by keepers at Paradise Park in the UK. Note that the little booties are in place to speed the process of unfurling the crane's naturally curled feet, and thereby helping it learn to toddle quicker. The chick's name is easy to remember - "Little Crane."




Curator David Woolcock explains “In the past, the female parent of this chick has not done very well when she has laid a clutch of eggs inside rather than outside her hut. So when this happened again, and with this species having been recently upgraded to ‘Vulnerable’ status, we made a decision to remove the eggs and incubate them ourselves. We were delighted when one hatched. So the keepers are now full time mums with 2 hourly feeds and giving some much needed tender loving care to this little one.”


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