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June 2010

Chicago's Bundle of Black and White Joy

This past Friday, the Lincoln Park Zoo debuted its one week old endangered Grevy’s zebra colt to the public. Named Enzi, which is Swahili for “power” or “might”, he is the first offspring for his 3-year-old mother named Adia. He is also the first zebra foal to be born at the zoo since 2001. Mother and mini-baby zebra spent their first week off exhibit so the pair could bond in private and animal care staff could carefully monitor their health.



Photo Credits: Lincoln Park Zoo

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Baby Hippo Hits the Pool

Mother hippos give birth underwater so it's perhaps no surprise that baby hippopotamuses like to spend most of their day submerged. This little hippo, pictured at just one week old, was born at Zoo Antwerp in Belgium on May 22nd. The calf might look like a little tyke but baby hippos can weigh over 100 lbs (45kg) at birth!

Baby hippo calf zoo antwerp 1

(Note the Shrek-ears and water spouting)

Baby hippo calf antwerp zoo 2

Baby hippo calf antwerp zoo 5

Baby hippo calf antwerp zoo 4

Baby hippo calf antwerp zoo 6

Munching Baby Marmoset Makes Eyes at the Camera

Photographer and zoo visitor Wei snapped these shots of a precocious little baby Marmoset at Brisbane Australia's Alma Park Zoo. This little character is just over a month old but even adults stand only about 5 1/2 inches tall. The Common Marmoset is distributed throughout the Atlantic Coastal Forest in Northeast Brazil.



Photo Credits: Wei taken at Brisbane's Alma Park Zoo


San Diego Zoo's Brand New Baby Elephant Stays Cool

San Diego Zoo's yet unnamed elephant calf and his mother, Umoya, were photographed cooling down at a waterhole just yesterday. After a slow start, the outlook for the calf is now upbeat. He was healthy and nursing after his birth on May 12, but a medical condition with his mother caused him to lose rather than gain weight. Umoya is now recovering, which means the 229-pound calf is too. He is the third calf born at the Wild Animal Park in 2010 and is interacting with the two other male elephant calves daily.



Photo Credits: Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park

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Romp Around the Clock

The National Zoo's Andean Bear cubs have emerged to romp about for delighted Zoo visitors. The weather is perfect for these native South American cubs, born back in January, to begin exploring. Also called spectacled bears, in the wild these bears are typically docile and cautious when approached by humans, but will fiercely protect their cubs if threatened. Their colorings can vary greatly and some Andean Bears' heads are entirely cream colored.

Andean bear cub smithsonian national zoo 1

Andean bear cub smithsonian national zoo 2

Andean bear cub smithsonian national zoo 3

Tiny Tiger Cubs at 9 Days Old

Still too young to open their eyes, two tiny tiger cubs have made their photographic debut at Washington's Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. Weighing only 2 lbs at birth on May 25th, these kittens will eventually grow to between 200 lbs - 300lbs. With the successful birth of these two rare Sumatran Tigers, the total number of these critically endangered cats in North American zoos climbs to 74. There are only between 400-500 remaining the wild.

Baby tiger cubs point defiance zoo

Photo and Video Credits: Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

Belgium Welcomes First Baby Snow Leopard

Belgium's Planckendael Zoo is proud to announce the debut of Laila, the first Snow Leopard cub ever to be born in the country. A short while after her birth in April, Laila's mother Maili's health declined rapidly and, sadly, she did not survive. Planckendael keepers stepped in and have raised the orphaned cub by hand. It is believed that only between 4,000 and 6,000 Snow Leopards remain in the wild. Laila represents an invaluable new bloodline for the European Snow Leopard Breeding Program.




Photo Credits: Zoo Planckendael

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