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The Wait is Over for Hannover Zoo

On May 7th at Germany's Hannover Zoo, after 670 days of gestation, proud elephant mother Sayang delivered a baby girl. At 89 centimeters tall, and weighing 106 kilos the calf is a real heart-breaker. For four weeks, zoo keepers and vets kept a round the clock eye on the expectant mother until tests revealed the delivery was imminent. The baby is healthy and happily adjusting to her new surroundings.



Photo Credits: Zoo Hannover

Extremely Rare White Otter Cubs

Staff at Blue Planet Aquarium were amazed last week when their two little otter cubs emerged sporting white fur! Although these Asian small-clawed otter pups were born in March, they spent the last few weeks huddled away with mom in the den and keepers just got their first glimpse. Exhibits manager Tom Cornwell explained their unusual coloration, “Although perfectly healthy and full of energy we believe both the cubs are leucistic which is a rare condition where the animals’ fur develops without its natural pigment.”

White otter cubs Blue Planet Aquarium 1 rs

White otter cubs Blue Planet Aquarium 2

White otter cubs Blue Planet Aquarium 3 rs

Photo credits: Blue Planet Aquarium

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Day-Old Gentoo Penguin Chicks at Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo celebrated the hatching of its first Gentoo Penguin chicks of the year this weekend.  Photographer Debbie Grant snapped these little ones on Saturday. Gentoos are known for their unique circular nests that they build out of piles of stones. Some penguins give each other stones as gifts, typically to curry favor with the opposite sex. Kind of a penguin Valentine's Day.


Baby gentoo penguin chick

4596904070_6497abcdecPhoto Credits: Debbie Grant taken at the Edinburgh Zoo

Baby Einstein the Vulture

Germany's Hannover Zoo has an extraordinary hatchling on its hands - a muppet-like one-month-old baby Griffon Vulture. In past breeding attempts, sibling rivalry between hatchlings resulted in dangerous squabbles so Einstein is being raised by hand while his sibling stays in the nest. Keepers will return Einstein to the nest when he is strong enough to endure the occasional vulture throw-down. 



Baby vulture chick hannover zoo 1

Photo Credits: Zoo Hannover

Nashville's Storm Babies! (Part II)

On Friday we brought you the story of a little Eurasian Lynx cub born at the Nashville Zoo during last week's torrential flooding. Today we bring you the second storm baby, a Baird's tapir calf named "Noah." Little Noah was born in the midst of the thunder and pouring rain but seems no worse for wear. Baird's tapirs are the national animal of Belize and are commonly referred to as "mountain cows" in Central and South America, although they are more close related to horses and rhinos.

Baby bairds tapir calf nashville zoo 1

Baby bairds tapir calf nashville zoo 6

Baby bairds tapir calf nashville zoo 4

Baby bairds tapir calf nashville zoo 3

Photo credits: Christian Sperka

A Face Any Mother Would Love

The Everland Zoo in Seoul, Korea is always full of surprises. This time, it's a pair of Bat-eared Fox pups photographed just days ago by In Cherl Kim. Bat-eared Foxes are mostly nocturnal animals that live in small groups consisting of mated pairs and their young. The pairs live in dens and typically raise two to five pups together. Mated pairs are very social and are monogamous, although it is unknown if they mate for life.



Photo Credits: In Cherl Kim

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Nashville's Storm Babies! (Part I)

This past weekend, record rainfall caused catastrophic flooding in Nashville and the Nashville Zoo staff worked day and night to ensure their animals' welfare. Their hard work paid off with not one, but two remarkable births, welcoming a Eurasian lynx cub on Saturday and a Baird's tapir on Sunday.  The tiny baby lynx is being hand-raised by keepers and will eventually join "Wildlife on Wheels”: the Zoo’s educational outreach program that takes animals to schools, senior centers, hospitals and other community areas that might not be able to make it to the zoo on their own. The mother lynx is showing no signs of stress that her baby is being hand-raised.

Lynx kitten nashville zoo 2

Lynx kitten nashville zoo 3

Lynx kitten nashville zoo 4

Lynx kitten nashville zoo 5

Lynx kitten nashville zoo 6

Lynx kitten nashville zoo 1

Photo credits: Christian Sperka

Tune in Monday when we bring you Nashville's second storm baby, the aptly named tapir, "Noah." In the meantime, learn about how you can help the Nashville Zoo recover from the devastating flooding.

Tiny Snake-Necked Turtle Hatchling at National Zoo

A snake-necked turtle (Chelodina longicollis) hatched at the National Zoo's Reptile Discovery Center in late March. The hatchling is not yet on exhibit because staff would not be able to monitor it. This is the first such hatching at the Zoo in three years.




Photo Credits: Mehgan Murphy / National Zoo

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