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'Watermelon': A Perfect Name for A Baby Tapir!

Not yet a month old, San Diego Zoo's newest Malayan tapir is starting to nibble on solid food already. The tapir has been named "Tembikai" which means "watermelon" in Malay. The Malayan tapir is an endangered species, so this birth will help conservation research efforts. It is also significant because the mother, Chantek, is 25 years old, which is quite old for a mama tapir but despite this Tembikai is doing well. He weighed 13 pounds at birth on Jan. 29th and is now 30 pounds.



Photo credit Ken Bohn / San Diego Zoo

For now, baby tapir and mom are living behind the scenes.

Rare Bonobo Baby Born at Colombus Zoo & Aquarium

A baby Bonobo was born at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium monday afternoon as Zoo volunteers and staff who have been conducting around the clock observations since February 17 watched via surveillance camera. This is the eleventh bonobo born at the Columbus Zoo since the Zoo received its first bonobos in 1990 in conjunction with the Species Survival Plan (SSP) for this endangered ape.

Video by Graham Jones

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A Big Wobbly Baby at the Paignton Zoo

Paignton Zoo's new baby giraffe was born the morning of Feb. 24th. Delicate but nearly 6 feet tall, the as yet unnamed male calf was born to mother Janica and father Yoda after a nearly 16 month long gestation period. He is the pair’s first youngster. Curator of Mammals Neil Bemment said: “We are ecstatic with the new arrival. We hope he will grow up big and strong like his dad.”