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December 2009

Luk Chai: Taronga's Elephant Calf Turns 5... Months

According to Toronga Zoo keepers, 5-month-old Luk Chai, Australia's first Elephant calf, is on the fast track to adulthood. Not too fast though! Keepers have begun teaching him simple elephant words--indications and directions on where to stand and in which direction to walk--by rewarding the youngster with sweet treats like raisins and apples. While the calf is learing fast, there's still plenty of time for play, as demonstrated by these images from J9Fabre.




The Bear Witch Project

Just four days ago, Zoo Sauvage of St-Félicien in Quebec welcomed two baby Polar Bear cubs and the Zoo's den-cam captured the cubs' birth and first hours. This ultra rare footage of newborn Polar Bear cubs reveals this fact - baby polar bears spend their entire first day screeching.

Note that these grainy low-light videos are not so much cute as they are EXTREMELY noisy. Mother Polar Bears should be issued Aspirin. 

Mama bear cleans her screeching cubs

The actual birth of the 2nd cub and more screeching 

Mama bear lets the cubs nurse accompanied by abundant screeching

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Germany's Orangutan Babies Part II: Berlin

The German orangutan boom continues with 10-week-old baby Bulan at the Berlin Zoo. In these first glimpse pictures, five-time mother Bini proudly cradles her new baby boy and, apparently, enjoys munching on some hay. 


Baby sumatran orangutan

Photo credits: Michael Kappeler, AFP/Getty Images

Critically endangered on their native Indonesian island of Sumatra, these incredible creatures must be protected. You can help by supporting organizations such as the Sumatran Orangutan Society.

Tiny Turtles Return Home

The endangered Western Pond Turtle faces threats from habitat degradation and disease, but the biggest threat to these little turtles are invasive bullfrogs that have thrived in the Columbia River Gorge between Oregon and Washington. These huge frogs gobble up tiny turtle hatchlings like Whitman's Samplers. By breeding Western Pond Turtles and raising them until they are large enough to be off the bullfrog's menu, the Oregon Zoo is helping to rebuild the turtle population.

Western pond turtle hatchling oregon zoo 4 rs

Western pond turtle hatchling oregon zoo 3 rs Western pond turtle hatchling oregon zoo 1 rs 

Preparing to storm the shores of the Columbia River Gorge

Western pond turtle hatchling oregon zoo 5 rs

Bon voyage!

Western pond turtle hatchling oregon zoo 6 rs 

Home sweet home

Columbia river gorge
Photo credits: Brock Parker / Oregon Zoo

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The Mighty Komodo Dragon... at Its Tiniest

The Singapore Zoo has hatched the first baby Komodo Dragon in it's 34 year history. Here you get a rare glimpse at the world's heaviest lizard at it's very smallest: just hatched! At this size the apex predator of the the Indonesian isles looks pretty harmless but in adulthood wild Komodo Dragons grow up to 10ft long and eat deer or even buffalo! 

Baby komodo dragon singapore zoo 1 rs

Baby komodo dragon singapore zoo 2 rs

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