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Jaguar Cubs at the Mesker Park Zoo

On September 22nd, the Mesker Park Zoo welcomed two beautiful jaguar girls born to first time parents Beliza and Cuxtal. The cubs currently weigh 7 pounds, but are gaining weight quickly so we suggest you get to the zoo as fast as possible. However, if a trip to Indiana isn't in the cards in the near future, you can watch them from anywhere in the world via the zoo's live streaming Jaguar Cam!

Jaguar cubs mesker zoo 1 rs 

Jaguar cubs mesker zoo 2 rs 

Jaguar cubs mesker zoo closeup 3 rs

And a picture of mom lounging.

Jaguar mom mesker zoo closeup 4_picnik 

Photo credits: Brad Fichter / Mesker Park Zoo

Orphan Pups in Pittsburgh

The endangered Painted Hunting Dog or African Wild Dog once numbered as many as 500,000 individuals but human population growth has shrunk that number to only about 3,000. Almost unheard of among social mammals, the Painted Hunting Dog's social structure is a submission-based hierarchy, meaning whoever begs the most gets the most food instead of whomever is most aggressive. 

These nine pups were born just days ago at the Pittsburgh Zoo but sadly the mother died shortly thereafter. Luckily a surrogate mixed breed dog was found who was happy to step-in.

African painted dog 1 

African painted dog 3 


Note that the video has no sound


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The Real Kung Fu Pandas

Favorite zoo video to date: rough-housing Red Panda cub footage set to music from Kill Bill at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. They have clearly mastered Crane style.

Juvenile Red Pandas play to learn skills that will be useful later in life. Wrestling skills for example may some day help them acquire a better mate, defend themselves from predators or get them a breakthrough role in a Tarantino movie.

Perth's Uggly Puggle Babies

Two Puggles (baby echidnas) born in August were put on display for the media at Australia's Perth Zoo yesterday. The Puggles' names are Moa and Kain. Having bred the notoriously difficult-to-breed species three years in a row, the zoo believes it has the foundation of a captive breeding program for its critically endangered cousin, the long-beaked echidna of New Guinea.



Daniel Scarparolo/Perth Zoo

Healthy Lion Cubs Born at the Columbus Zoo

On September 22nd the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium welcomed three big and healthy African lion cubs. These two little girls and one boy were bred as part of the AZA's Species Survival Plan for African lions. Over the past twenty years African lion populations have fallen 50% due to human population growth into their native habitat.

Baby lion cub columbus zoo 1 

Baby lion cubs columbus zoo 2 

Baby lion cubs columbus zoo 3
Photo credits: Grahm Jones / Columbus Zoo

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Ripley... Believe It or Not!

The Taronga Zoo is helping Ripley the barking owl chick (the latest addition to its bird flight presentation) learn the ropes.  Acclimatization though new experiences is the name of the game for this 40 day old baby barking owl.

Learning to fly means taking occasional pit stops to check on the latest ZooBorns updates...

Owl and computer 640

Here Ripley meets some new friends...



Ripley even rode the cable car to get a bird's eye view of his new digs...

Owl and sky safari 640

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The Everland Zoo's Adorable Fennec Fox Kits

Time to check back in on our favorite Fennec Fox kits at the Everland Zoo in Seoul, Korea. Zoo photographer In Cherl Kim takes outstanding photos of these epically adorable canines. Fennec Foxes are uniquely suited to the desert, where their big ears let them detect insects dancing across the sand at night and fur lined paws protect them from scorching hot sand during the day. 

Fennec fox everland zoo 1 

Fennec fox everland zoo 2 

Fennec fox everland zoo 3