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Dwarf Mongoose Pups Pop into the Bronx Zoo

Meet the Bronx Zoo's newest arrivals: three Dwarf Mongoose pups. Curious, playful and apparently rather hyper, the three pups are exploring their surroundings in the Giraffe Building. Native to sub-Saharan Africa, Dwarf Mongooses are Africa's smallest carnivore. Despite being quite feisty in the wild, Dwarf Mongooses living near human settlements often become tame.

Baby dwarf mongoose bronx zoo 1 rs
Photo Credit: Bill Holmstrom / ©WCS

Baby dwarf mongoose bronx zoo 2 rs
Photo Credit: J.L. Maher / ©WCS

First Photos of San Diego's New Panda Cub

Hot off the digital press, we bring you the first photos of the San Diego Zoo's roly-poly new panda cub.

Baby panda cub san diego zoo  
Baby panda checkup san diego zoo 2

Today for the first time since the birth, the San Diego Zoo's giant panda team members were able to examine their new giant panda cub born Aug. 5. The checkup revealed the 2.8lb cub is a boy. The 14.7-inch-long cub remained quiet during the exam. Having just nursed, he appeared sleepy and content. Mother Bai Yun and her cub will remain in the den for four to five months. During the denning period, the only way to see them is through the San Diego Zoo's live Panda Cam.

Little Langur Brothers

The baby langurs keep coming at the Columbus Zoo! On August 29, parents Gumby (mom) and Digby (dad), welcomed another bright orange offspring, the third for Gumby and fourth for Digby, including baby Fernando, who was born in July. The babies' coats will change to the silvery-gray of adulthood between three to five months after birth. Highly social monkeys, langurs often snuggle in groups with the baby in the middle.






Photo Credits: Amy Eakins

Kibibi the Playful Gorilla Baby

The National Zoo's newest little gorilla, Kibibi, is getting "bigger and bolder by the day," according to the Great Ape House Keeper. A playful baby, Kibibi spends her days uprooting plants and grabbing at her older brother, with frequent breaks for cuddling with mom of course. She also has a "propensity for creating noise and rhythm... steadily banging on plastic spools, enclosure walls, overturned tubs, and anything else that makes a good sound."

Baby gorilla national zoo 4

Baby gorilla national zoo 2

Baby gorilla national zoo 1

Baby gorilla national zoo 5

Enjoy many more pics of Kibibi on the Smithsonian National Zoo's photo site.