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When Is a Hedgehog Not a Hedgehog?

When it's a tenrec! Although the Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec sure looks like a hedgehog, it's actually a very different animal. The tenrec family comprises animals that look like hedgehogs, opossums and even otters, but are actually a great example of convergent evolution. Isolated from many other would-be mammalian competitors in Madagascar for millions of years, the humble tenrec evolved into many different species filling niches commonly occupied by a wider variety of mammals.

This little fellow was born at the Potter Park Zoo in Michigan on June 24th to one of the only breeding females in the United States.

Tenrec baby potter park zoo 1 rs

One cup of baby tenrec please

Tenrec baby potter park zoo 3 rs

Tenrec baby potter park zoo 4 rs

Tenrec baby potter park zoo 6
Photo credits: Dr. Tara Harrison / Potter Park Zoo

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Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

In June the Bronx Zoo welcomed a happy and healthy baby Coquerel's Sifaka Lemur and these pictures were taken in July. Sifakas get their name from their unmistakable "shih-fak" alarm call which starts as a low growl and ends with a loud and abrupt "fak" that can be described as a shrill hiccup.

Sifaka lemur baby 1 rs

Sifaka lemur baby 2 rs
Photo credits: Julie Larsen Maher / Wildlife Conservation Society


Video credit: Luke Groskin / Wildlife Conservation Society

Orphan Pups Find a Home at the Mystic Aquarium

Three playful sea lion pups, all rescued separately from harbors in Southern California, have found their way to the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut. The only male pup was originally found malnourished and suffering from pneumonia and was treated and released by the Marine Mammal Center. Unfortunately the little California Sea Lion kept returning to the beach and finding his way to crowds of beach-goers (or them to him). Either way, after three restrandings, it was determined that life at Mystic would be a good fit for the little guy.

Baby sea lion pup in bucket mystic aquarium 2

Baby sea lion pup in bucket mystic aquarium 1

Three baby sea lions at aquarium

Check out the pups in high spirits in their new home.

Got a suggestion for a name for the boy or two girls? Submit your suggestions here (and let ZooBorns know if you win!)

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Adorable ZooBorns Video Round-Up

There's so much going on at zoo nurseries these days we can barely keep up! Enjoy this collection of outstanding videos from Smithsonian National Zoo and Bronx Zoo.

In a 24-hour-period between July 9 and 10, a clouded leopard cub, a Przewalski's horse, and a red panda cub were all born at Smithsonian's National Zoo's Conservation and Research Center

Looks like the Smithsonian National Zoo is gonna need a bigger bird house!

Watch a baby lemur grow from a sleepy eyed infant into a bouncing teen (in lemur years) at the Bronx Zoo

Looking Fierce!

This "ferocious" young cub was born in May at Utah's Hogle Zoo but just recently debuted to the public. Critically endangered in their native home of the Himalayas and other Central Asian mountain ranges, snow leopards are bred at zoos across the country as part of the AZA's Species Survival Plan

Snow leopard cub hogle zoo

Looking less fierce
Baby snow leopard hogle zoo 1

Baby snow leopard hogle zoo 3
Photo credits (bottom two pictures): Bill Warden

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