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Lemur Twins Look Awfully Surprised

Black-and-white ruffed lemurs may look like stuffed animals come to life, but they are actually important ambassadors for their critically endangered species, native to Madagascar. These wide-eyed twins were recently born at the Detroit Zoo and serve as a reminder to the desperate conservation needs of their wild relatives. Donations can be made to help protect these adorable little guys via the Lemur Conservation Foundation.

Caught in the act... of being lemurs!
Baby lemur detroit zoo1 rs

Baby lemur detroit zoo 3 rs

If this isn't a ready-made donation postcard for the Lemur Foundation, I don't know what is.
Baby lemur detroit zoo 2 rs

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Sea Lion Kiddy Pools

Just like baby humans must learn to walk, baby sea lions must learn to swim. This little female sea lion pup, born June 14th at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo, is no exception so keepers have lowered the water level in the enclosure to something closer to an inflatable kiddy pool than a nice fancy inground. As the pup grows, so too will the water depth, kind of like YMCA swimming classes. 

Little sea lion thinks she could get used to this...
Baby sea lion omaha zoo 1

Baby sea lion omaha zoo 2

Enough splashing. Nap time.
Baby sea lion omaha zoo 3
Photo credit for last photo: Alyssa Todd

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Baby Cape Porcupine aka "Prickly Piggy"

This baby Cape porcupine was born June 6th at Switzerland's Zoo Basel. Unusually long-lived for a rodent, Cape porcupines live up to 20 years. Although the English name is hardly any better, we are always amused by the German translations of animal names, in this case the German word for "baby porcupine" roughly translates to "Prickly Piggy." 

Mom has food. Baby prickly pig is intrigued
Baby porcupine zoo basel 1 rs

Baby porcupine zoo basel 1b rs

Perhaps nuzzling will provide access to delicious carrot
Baby porcupine zoo basel 2

Baby porcupine zoo basel 3 rs closeup

Is there delicious carrot in this porcu's future? Tune in next week to find out.

Meet Toronto's Newest Snow Leopard Cubs

On July 2nd the Toronto Zoo weclomed two snow leopard cubs. Critically endangered in the wild, snow leopards may some day depend on the genetic diversity preserved at zoos and aquariums for their species' survival. In the meantime, organizations like the Toronto Zoo and the Snow Leopard Trust offer fair trade products made by people living in snow leopard habitat to increase household income to deter poaching and raise awareness of the leopards' plight. 

Snow leopard cubs toronto 1

Snow leopard cubs toronto 2

Snow leopard cubs toronto 3 rs

Snow leopard cubs toronto 3 closeup