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June 2009

National Zoo Python Baby Wraps it up

Had enough of exotic kittens?  We didn't think so, but it's high time we represented the reptiles. These pictures taken yesterday at the National Zoo present pythons in a new light. Be careful though, adult green tree pythons grow to seven feet in length! Thanks to Linda Lombardi for the pictures and info.

Python 4b




This fellow was born in April. Read on to see more from the National Zoo...

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Tiny Clouded Leopard Triplets at the Nashville Zoo

With beautiful distinctively marked coats, Clouded Leopards are frequent targets for poachers who sell their pelts. These tiny cubs (only 1/2 lb. each!) born May 30th at the Nashville Zoo add genetic variety to the captive population that may some day enable reintroduction programs to bolster threatened wild populations. 

Clouded leopard cubs kittens babies nashville zoo resized

Clouded leopard cubs kittens babies nashville zoo closeup 1

Clouded leopard cubs kittens babies nashville zoo closeup 2
Photos Courtesy of the Nashville Zoo

This is the first litter of cubs for parents Jing Jai and Arun. The cubs are expected to open their eyes any day now, whereupon we hope to have more photos to share!

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Endangered Lemurs Emerge!

It's quadruplets at the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo in San Jose, California! Born May 17th, the endangered Red Ruffed lemurs spent the last few weeks in their comfy nest box with mom. Now big enough to venture out, the four curious little boys have begun to explore their surroundings. 

Baby Red Ruffed Lemurs Happy Hollow Park

So small!Basically the size of an apple.

Red ruffed lemur weight

A peek through a hole in the nest box reveals imminent rough-housing

Red ruffed lemur in their box 

Happy Hollow Zoo Red Ruffed Lemur Babies Closeup

Endangered due to habitat destruction, poaching and capture for the pet trade, these Red Ruffed lemurs are part of a Species Survival Plan that coordinates breeding between the fifty-two accredited zoos in North America with Red Ruffed lemurs. Read more about it below.  

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Baby Beluga Bounces into Vancouver Aquarium

Just a few hours ago at the Vancouver Aquarium, staff watched breathlessly as 20 year old beluga whale Aurora gave birth to a calf. Like all baby belugas, the calf was born with large wrinkles which disappear over the first few weeks.

Baby beluga calf vancouver aquarium 1 

Baby beluga calf vancouver aquarium 2 

Baby beluga calf vancouver aquarium 3

The unnamed calf will be sharing its enclosure with another calf born in the fall of last year named Tiqa. Researchers are interested to see how the two calves interact and we hope to bring you pictures soon.

Video of actual birth can be watched below the fold. Be warned though: like most mammal births, it's a messy (but joyous!) process.

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This Ain't No Spring Chicken!

It's a spring Silvery-cheeked Hornbill chick! Although this large featherless baby looks a lot like Daffy Duck after some comic accident, it is in fact a healthy baby hornbill born May 29th at the Central Florida Zoo

Baby silvery cheeked hornbill chick central florida zoo 1 resized

Baby silvery cheeked hornbill chick central florida zoo 2

Silvery-cheeked hornbills are native to East Africa but threatened by habitat destruction. This chick is being raised by keepers as its older sibling was picking on it.